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Do Ghosts Exist
Dear Christine,
For so many years of my Journey towards HIM, the only thing i learned is to pray HIM for every desire i desired. So i pray God to give you a women fellowship or lead you to a women fellowship, or He use you to set a women fellowship or He is your women fellowship. No matter what, i pray God to put you in a women fellowship. May God bless you, dear.

Force Us To Be Saved
to Josef: Hebrew 10:30 It is mine to avenge, i will repay. Is God of HIM to avenge? yes. When? I think it is when HIS child could not be more patient. Why? i do not know. If you know please share. But one thing i could share here is, God is good.

Force Us To Be Saved
To Bill: If sb is in free will, do you think it is a freedom? if free will is in sb, do you think it is a freedom?
i do not know much.

Force Us To Be Saved
To moderator: My question is "persuation" , not "force".The current reality is "force", for i think "fightings, killings or diseases" a force, not a persuation. The HOLY SPIRIT is a persuation to me, not a force.

Force Us To Be Saved
To Luke and Trey:
Hosea4:6 My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. i think the knowledge is two-way, 1, 1Cor 13:12 Now, we see....i shall know fully,even as i am fully known.2,Jhn17:3..Know you, the only true God...
so, we might know HIS PLAN, yes?

Saved By Following Bible
depends.this question is about the history and wisdom. there is a watershed, the curtain of the temple. if the curtain of the temple is torn in two for you, for me?
for me, "to die" is a process, for the root of the self is kept there , for the reason of time. that is why 1Samuel15:22, to obey is better than sacrifice. NT has the same words.
i do not know much. here just my self experience for share.

Marriage Of HIV Couples
marriage, what does the marriage mean to the both? it is the oneness. if oneness, one could not exist wihtout the other one. then what the hiv means to both? to overcome in faith.
if not oneness, there is no need to marry. if you could not be sure the one will be your oneness or not, just pray God for the answer.
sorry for my poor english.

Hinder Walk With Jesus
1.yes, when Jesus is no longer between the two. when your will presses his/her will.
2.when this happens, being submitted might need energy, but if pray God for energy (help), the life might progress futther ,closer to God.

Is The Bible God's Testimony
I believe it is FROM ABOVE

Hard To Believe In God
it might because that you are too nervous. Maybe, the way to be released is to accept the cross.

Jesus Son Of Man
because He is right.

Water Over The Sky
...seperated the water under the expanse from the water above it....called the expanse"sky"...

Normal Christian Lifestyle
Discover what God does with us. ---Bill
Holy Spirit searches all. i usually find i could do nohing when the truth is "to let me deny myself", that is to say, when i face what i descovered, i must deny my own image. when i deny, i must die. Maybe life out of death is like this. and miracles might be the last testamony, that is a new life, and faith in HIM dwelt in this new life.
i do not know much......

No Pensions Anymore
1 :) English is not my native langue. so if i could not express clearly, please pray for me.
2 as i could understand, this post is company could not provide pensions. if we emphasis the company, then the reason is it is broken.

--- to be continued

No Pensions Anymore
With all honor to the fruits of the Holy Spirit, joy and peace will NOT feed those with physical hunger and malnutrition.
--- All desire might has its own wordly reason. Bible teaches Jesus is the bread of life. maybe, love could prevent the conspirator and conspiratee from being so hungry, for example the addiction. if the conspirator did not conspirate, if te conspiratee did not fear, they would both enjoy their life.
:) i like dream, hope it will be true.

No Pensions Anymore
i do not mena that
what i mean is,
if bible is correct, then all out of God should be no lack. But in the mirror, it will be a fatal judgement.
Bible also teaches it rains for all...
As i could understand, a follower of the Holy Spirit will fruit the fruits and these fruits will satisfy the starved,

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