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Do You Miss Trump

ax: "Biden just completed the Afghanistan withdrawal TRUMP HIMSELF NEGOTIATED last year"


Biden did not follow Trump's plan. If he did, he would not have left Americans and $85B in weaponry behind. Only a TRAITOR like Biden would do something like that.

The Taliban were afraid of Trump, but they think Biden is a Joke. So does the international community. We have lost the respect of our friends as well as our enemies because of Biden's surrender. Worse yet, the Taliban has given all that hi-tech equipment to the Chinese to reverse engineer and use against us.

Do You Miss Trump

katty: "We don't need a cluless president running this country. It's dangerous."

It certainly is! And that's just what we've got in the clueless China Puppet Joe Biden. He thinks he's a dictator with his unconstitutional mask and vaccination mandates. At best, he is a CCP-friendly traitor for his shameful surrender in Afghanistan and his gift of $85B to our enemies.

Trump would never have left our citizens behind as hostages.

Adjust your tinfoil hat, your thinking is upside-down.

Do You Miss Trump

ax: It is YOU who bears the false witness. For years you leftists have pushed one lie after another about Trump. How many times was he falsely accused of conspiring with Russia? Seeking quid pro quo with Ukraine? Impeached twice without evidence - even when out of office. Had his election stolen by Communist tactics, etc.

I'm tired of calling you people by pseudonyms. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, etc. - you ARE Communists. You have even installed a Communist China puppet Dictator in the White House. He left Americans to be slaughtered by our enemies, gave them our weapons, and now turns his dictatorial power on us by his unconstitutional mandates.

If we are hit again, its on you Commies.

Do You Miss Trump

kathr: What a hypocrite! You spend 5 years spewing hatred about Donald Trump and then accuse me of spreading hate by telling the truth about Biden's cowardly withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Two days to go until 9/11. If we get hit again, you and your Communist Comrades will have blood on your hands.

Do You Miss Trump

Dear leftist CN colleague:

We are approaching the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attack on our (US) country. The prospect of more attacks by the same terrorists is now more likely than ever, thanks to the leftists currently in control of our government.

These leftist traitors have conspired with our enemies by providing them money, arms, technology and American hostages, and free transport to our country.

If indeed we are attacked again in three days, the blood spilled will be on your hands for installing this rogue regime.

May God help us.

Do You Miss Trump

You Biden supporters are as guilty as treasonous creepy uncle Joe. You also have blood on your hands as he does for allowing/causing the torture and death of thousands of innocents.

And what's with this constant reference to the May 1 deadline. Joe missed it - another example of his incompetence.

Over 100,000 new, unvetted potential terrorists in our country just before 9/11 - what could go wrong. If we do get hit on 9/11, more blood will be on you Communists' hands.

Do You Miss Trump

ax: B.S.

Your boy Joe has colluded with the enemy (Taliban), asked the former Pres. of Afghanistan to lie about the imminent collapse of the Afghan government to the Taliban, gave $90 Billion in advanced weaponry to the enemy (which has been shared with China and Iran), left thousands of Americans stranded with no way of escape, and then turned tail and ran like the coward he is.

That was NOT TRUMP'S PLAN. He would have had an orderly and honorable withdrawal, with NO Americans left to be tortured and killed.

Worst of all, he brought hundreds of terrorists to our soil to join the hundreds invading our southern border - just in time for the 20th anniversary of 9/11. What could go wrong?

Do You Miss Trump

ax: You're still stuck on Trump. Why not discuss the brain-addled Communist puppet in the White House? He, along with all the useful idiots who voted for him have blood on their hands for his botched and cowardly withdrawal from Afghanistan.

I do hope that you are not affected by all the terrorists he is welcoming, unvetted, into our country.

Do You Miss Trump

ax: It's obvious that you get all your info from Communist TV sources such as CNN and MSNBC. That would explain why your data is so upside-down.

On election fraud, what does common sense tell you as to why the Communist Democrat Party is so against voter ID and so authoritarian for mandated vaccination ID? Why did they fight so hard against voting audits of the 2020 election and so hard for it in the FL 2000 election?

Your boy Joe has committed treason with his Afghan debacle - aiding & abetting the Taliban enemy while getting our service members killed and leaving many Americans behind. Even the international community decries this.

We must now apologize to the French for calling them cowards.

Do You Miss Trump

ax: More lies!

It would seem that you are still afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome. Here's a news flash for you - Trump has not been President for 8 months.

Why don't you elaborate instead the glorious benefits of the current White House occupant - the disaster that is Joe Biden. Tell me how runaway inflation and soaring gas prices are benefitting you. Tell me how proud you are of America's defeat in Afghanistan and the killing of our soldiers and the thousands of Americans left behind to be slaughtered.

I'll bet you're thrilled that Carter/Obama are no longer the worst Presidents in American history - Biden is.

What's this about my having insulted Nurse Robert? He rather insulted me.

Do You Miss Trump

ax: "Why don't the Ten Commandments don't [sic] count?."

I agree. Nice to see you've begun to keep all the Commandments, including the Sabbath Commandment.

I wish, though that you would stop the lies about Trump. He saved our nation from the Communist swamp and brought us peace and respect in the international community. Your Surrenderer-in-Chief, Joe Biden has brought destruction and shame to our own country that will take years to mend. He has the blood of many innocents (our military included) on his feckless hands for the Afghanistan debacle, as do the useful idiots who voted for him.

We need Trump now, more than ever. And no, Biden DID NOT WIN the election.

Do Unsaved Live Forever

katr: your "nuances" will get you lost.

Do Unsaved Live Forever

katr: You argue against the Bible. I'll go with God's word over yours.

Was 2020 Election Stolen

ax: "How about "conservative lies"? Where is EVIDENCE election was stolen?"

It was presented to the fed courts who refused to look at it for political reasons. It is now coming out in state courts, and election fraud has been confirmed. But you won't see that on CNN or MSNBC.

Was 2020 Election Stolen


Thanks for standing up for truth. It is becoming scarce in modern America. It is inconceivable to me how anyone - even those in my own denomination - can openly support the Marxist Party of Satan (the Democrats). Just Look at how much damage the pitiful Joe Biden has done in just over two months.

The axster's faulty CNN math shows Biden with the majority of support. That's because he includes stolen votes from Trump and lots of dead people and fake ballots. The truth is slowly coming out. If only we had courts and State legislatures that would live up to their oaths of office.

Sam: It is you Dems who are the HATERS. We've listened to your Trump hatred for years.

Was 2020 Election Stolen

Face it ... Democrats are traitors.

Was 2020 Election Stolen

ax: "Many Christian "prophets" still insist he won the election, despite that obviously being not true"

Prophet or no, he still won by a landslide. There was and still is much enthusiasm for Trump. Have you seen any for Biden? What do you like best about him?

Do you admit that all the Dems have against him is one hoax after another? Or do you contend that he did collude with the Russians in the 2016 election, took a bribe from Ukraine, and cause the DC riot - all Dem crimes.

Was 2020 Election Stolen

ax: "Tell me, what, exactly, has Joe Biden done in the past 48 hours that is a "high crime"?"

Took a job he didn't deserve since his election was a fraud.

Took foreign campaign contributions.

Put America at risk by refusing to defend our borders.

Used our troops as camera props and then made them sleep on cold concrete floors.

Lied about Trump's collusion with Russia/Ukraine when he was the actual treasonous perp.

Unfounded impeachment attempts against Trump.

And many, many other crimes.

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