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Prayer For Darlene NOW
Gracious of you FatherGod thankyou for keeping our Sis.Darlene under your care you are the invisible inspiring amazing God we thankyou on.jesus name.Sis.Darlene saw my friend Jim he doing better thankyou for your prayers.amen.

Please Pray For Rita H
HeavenlyFather,please let us remember Sis.Rita may the Lord build up her up in faith love,healing be her portion let her know we all still pray for her.thankyou Almighty
Father & your sonJesus be with Sis.Rita.Let her free healed of all cancer in.jesus holy of jesus!

Prayer For Darlene NOW
Hello,yes Sis.Darlene may the Lord build a fortress around you keep you happy healthy wealth and wise because you a diamond of wonderfull example on here..I thankyou for praying for Jim he has suffer so much.I thank God we all are alive.God's mercy I will be checking fr time to of jesus!

Please Pray For Rita H
Hello,precious Sis.Rita may the blessing of the hand of jesus be especially with you in all you are going through!we love you,we praying for you,you may seem weak but God's healing power may be a slow process but we think He is the greatest healer in all the universe..get well in christ Elena

Prayer For Darlene NOW
May the Lord bless you all receive my request for a church member,Jim is his name,he has seen blood coming from his ears every morning., he had cancer same time I did please pray its not cancer jesus name I beg for prayers for Jim.thanks!

Prayer For Darlene NOW
Hello,Sis.Darlene sorry late but I'm so very glad you DO NOT have cancer thank the Lord may you keep the solid rock of wonderfull faith as you have done for us many on here,may the Lord bless you and surprize you into a tremendous healing virtue you live many yrs is my in Christ Elena

Trusting In God
Hi,have you ever been just like
stressed,you know in the back of your mind,you have ample amount of time,yet because of a
certain stress,you forget!yes we may be so stressed out we are qwick to remember our own blessings,once we sit talk to jesus!wow,it starts to come together!many just so wrap up they forget who wrote the book!!

Illegal Immigrant Issue In USA
Hi,to Bro.Leon yes,many people latinos, our friend from El Salvador qwickly join in the armed forces,years.I know a whole family came here,the dad,the sons all armed forces,never wrong there good younger.. militarytrained.highly.educated

What Is Grace
God bless enjoy this today,you know I'm just a regular person but,we had such a bad tough sit....experience but God placed us with the most loving such caring people the church
I now attened is just a joy.take all our sorrows,we need power move get up smiles!

Married To Unsaved Wife
Hi,everyone just want to share a little,you know brother my own husband has changed I love him!but,this is the chance to show more love,she will hang on everything you say by measure of how you react or not,like many have said this really is your chance to show more love,compation.remember the love you both had..God can restore nothing God can not do!!he calls longdistance but has not return home.I am.always happy pleasent God he will not let you down.

Please Pray For Rita H
Heavenly Father,I exalt your name thankyou for our Sis.Rita
may she continue let us know how she gets along,gratefull she alive,I believe God will do a mighty work in our sister strength,faith line up we plead the hand of the Lord be her portion healing in the wings for our Sis.Rita..we love you Sis.Rita thankyou!

What Is Christian Charity
Hi,ChristianCherity in my eyes is sharing the love of Christ through the way you treat other now that can be your neighbors who unsaved they know even if you are the least bit hipocrite
or you really a light for Christ they watching your life!
Love of Jesus!

Is Hoarding Unscriptural
hello,yes! I'm a person who hates to waste anything & it makes me feel a sense of home belonging but,yes now it's only one room full because we lost two neighbors who were my special best friends hard time getting out of their apt.both end up pretty bad way they died.I quit my hoarding ways!

How Christians Can Grow
2/13/16just want to agree with you Bro.Strongaxe,for I too,had cancer 2 thankfull for God'mercy my healings yes govt.had most effective help me God has been good to me.Just wanted to agree with you,govt had alot to do too my being here,today to write this.thankyou brother we both know the mercies given.Elena95555

Desperate Christian Women
Some men love a kind face nice smiles,she tells little things about her self,her hobbies the best prize baby back ribs!your's truly!! My baby back are to die for!! My secret recipe never fails..anyway just be yourself..Men love a woman who can cook,be kind,etc..she helps him feel.wanted,needed etc..the bible say when a man finds a wife he finds a good of jesus!

Do You Laugh Enough
Hi,yes laughter is very good if it's good things in good taste not laughter out of line,people do believe sometimes christians are too up tight...we are human not divine God loves a cheerfull giver so it must include some smiles or of jesus!

Desperate Christian Women
Hi,sometime just a hint of a smile or at those christian pot luck dinners ha ha the mere extra plate of chicken with dumpings! homemade says sonething!! Ha ha that lill piece of pie...hmmmm just try and see If I'm not right its the little things you do...imagine love blossoms!

Ask God To Die
Hello,also got to agree with Bro.Luke God has complete control over who lives regardless of man's medical expertise God is all knowing ever never ending He pulls the shots yes or no...who lives who will not survive..amen.I seen alot in these hospitals..

Please Pray For Rita H
Good to see you here Sis.Rita thank the living God we love you Sis.Rita,I here off and on love of jesus!bless God amen.

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