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What Is The Judgement
AXE. Have I boasted about myself like you did saying "I'm too forgiving...."?

And where have I reacted like you and NURSE, so eagerly defending major political parties (especially the baby slaughtering, divisive, degenerate DEMs)? I've described on several occasions the major parties as the greater evil (e.g DEMS, and our ALP & Greens) and the lessor evil (REPS & our LNP).

The heartless Left's push for welfare dependence is renowned for destroying families and increasing poverty.

As for first & last, see 1Cor 15:44-49 to see that the first (elder/Esau) is physical, and last (younger/Jacob) is spiritual.

NURSE. I'm non denominational. Were you hoping to attack me based on denomination?

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