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Best Age For Baptism
Trey re counting the cost: I was referring to Luke 14 where Christ said, "If anyone comes to Me (V26) and does not first sit down and count the cost (V28). Acts 2:38 states "repent and be baptised". Seems like both of these are a part of "coming to Me". If so it would follow that one must count the cost before committing oneself (of which baptism is the outward manifestation) to the Christian way of life.

Is Israel In God's Heart
Barb: If you believe that "saved by grace thru faith" and "salvation is a gift" means that you only have to say you believe Christ is the Son of God and you are saved then I agree with you that is not what Christ taught. Salvation comes to those who believe AND repent. Repentance to me means stop sinning and start living by every word of God. (Rom.6:1-)We receive the HS to help us obey and when we fall we have Christ as our High Priest making intercession for us. Rev. 2 & 3 "to him that overcomes will I give..."

New Testament Only
Would not the world be a better place if even one of the 10 commandments (let alone all ten) were kept by everyone?

Is Israel In God's Heart
Barb: I am in total ignorance as to what you believe therefore it is hard for me to wrap my mind around your questions. Are you saying that you do not believe we are saved by grace through faith or that salvation is a gift? If not why not? And what does believing these things have to do with the timing of Christ's return?

Eloy: May God pour out on you, dear brother, every spiritual gift. Wish you nothing but the best.

Is Israel In God's Heart
Barb: I have never come across anyone who claims to be Christian and yet thinks a great deal of the Bible is not the word of God. Amazing. Would you please elaborate on your last paragraph (If our pastors and scholars...) as I am not getting your meaning.

Is Israel In God's Heart
Barb: You say, "What do we need Paul for?" My question then is: By whose authority did Paul become an apostle to the Gentiles? But then it is impossible to use scripture to make a point with someone who does not believe that scripture is scripture. We will just have to agree to disagree on this point.

Best Age For Baptism
Michael e: Thank you for bringing out a scripture that gives food for thought on this subject. Also Acts8:12 states that "both men and women" were baptised, and Acts 5:14 that,"And believers were added all the more to the Lord, multitudes of both men and women." Notice no mention of children.

Eloy: Shame on you for calling people with a different understanding than you stupid.

Is Israel In God's Heart
Barb: I am in shock at your words and I quote, " I will never be grafted into the lies of Paul...". Lies of Paul? You think that part of the scriptures are lies? If we believe that part of the scriptures are lies how can we believe any of it? Which one of us would be the authority to state what is lies and what is truth?

Best Age For Baptism
Jed and Trey: Thank you for your imput. It gives me a different aspect of the issue than what I have experienced in my church life.

Best Age For Baptism
Cluny: Please excuse my ignorance of the beliefs of most of those on here as I have not visited here often.
Re count the cost. I was referring to Luke 14 where Christ said, "If anyone comes to me (V26)... and does not first sit down and count the cost (V28). Because of Acts 2:38 I figured that repentance and baptism both were a part of "coming to Me". I come from a church that believed in adult baptism and now some are having a change of mind. Hence my question.

Required By Death For Sabbath
Jerry 6593: Your answer was really helpful. Thank you. Seems like many of us have misunderstood that the law was bondage rather than sin. Thanks again.

Did Jesus Christ Preexist
John 1 reveals that the One who became the Son of God pre-existed as the Word. When the Word was made flesh He became the Son of God.

Don't Keep Ten Commandments
I wonder if some reason for the differences of opinion on this blog is that no difference is being made between the old and new covenants. Not all old covenant laws became part of the new covenant. The 10 commandmants do seem to be part of the new covenant if we understand what Christ was saying to the rich man who asked Him how he might obtain eternal life. Also it is my understanding from Matt. 7 that fulfill means bring the law to a higher standard, not that the law is done away. If the 10 are part of the NC, surely all ten would be included, not just 9. I do wonder why there is such emnity against the Sabbath among God's people?

Women Teach Men In Church
Thanks Catherine.
To ala8566ofuk : As we all know Paul was single. I used the scripture (husband of one wife) to show that elders were men not women. SandyG

Husband Loves His Mother
Both Fay and a friend gave great answers.
Communication is vital in solving any problem in a marriage. Too often we think we know how our partner feels or thinks. But we only know for sure once we discuss the problem with them.God Bless and please keep us updated. Sandy G

Ask God To Die
I agree with amand6348 comments.
Those of us not in pain cannot know how difficult it is.
I would just like to encourage you with the scripture (Romans 8:18)that tells us that the sufferings of the present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory that shall be revealed in us.
It is not easy to watch a loved one suffer...I have done this with two family members so I know.
I will be praying for your brother's healing and peace of mind. God Bless.
Sandy G

Women Teach Men In Church
I am relatively new to this web site and after reading a number of blogs am amazed at how the original question gets lost site of. Most bloggers end up with a discussion among themselves about something totally off subject.
I believe the book of Timothy gives the criteria for an elder, pastor etc.For one they are to be the husband of one wife. Pretty hard for a woman to fill that qualification. Bible content is how we know what God's views are on any given subject.
Just because I do not believe in women pastors I am not a Biblically ignorant sexual bigot. Rather I am a believer of what is in the Bible even if it goes against the common
opinions of a lot of people.

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