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John McCain For President
I'd vote for him because he seems like a really sensible logical person.

How Do You Show Love
I've always believed that true love is much more than an emotional feeling. It is kind of a disapline, a commandment from God. "Love one another". It takes lots of disapline and learning and practice, it does not come naturally like alot of people think it does.

To 'like' somebody is a differant story.

Should We Pray To Mother
I may not be a Bible scholar, but what I've read so far is that when Jesus taught us to pray he didn't say anything about praying to His mother. He said to pray in His name. So far I've not seen anything saying to pray to His mother in any way.

Can I Have Many Wifes
All I got to say to that is GOOD LUCK!

Why would it benefit the women more than the man? Unless you're looking at a wife more as a 'maid', then I could see your point. But I would hope a man would want his wife to be more like a partner than a maid, or a bunch of maids for that matter. If a woman wanted to be treated like that (a maid, babysitter etc) and thats all, then I guess it could work.

Abortion Is Satan Worship
Wasn't there something in the Old Testament about God's Law regarding a woman who got raped and pregnant should be put to death along with the unborn baby? I understand things were differant back then, and we shouldn't question God about all this stuff, but I don't think God see's it as 'satan worship'. I mean no disrespect.

Did You Sin Today
I sinned today, but I dont think I sinned yesterday. The thing is, I may have sinned and not even realized it, thats why I ask God to forgive me my sins whenever I think of it!

Online Marriage Tips
Be considerate of your mates feelings. If you make coffee, get him a cup too. Dont go to sleep mad.Do something everyday together even if it's a little thing like talk. Remember the Golden Rule. (I've been married over 25 years to the same guy!)

Did Jesus Tithe
I would say YES he did! Isn't 'tithe' to give 10% of your money, or your time? Jesus gave 100% because he gave His life.

Spanking 15 Year Old Acceptable
Wendi,if u r 4 real then you should talk to your school consulor about all this and see what he/she says. Why do you say our minds are in the gutter when we suggest this type of disaplining is perverted? Cant you see why it is?Maybe you are just too young, but i doubt it. Just talk to an adult about this.
God bless you

Major Terrorist Attacks
I heard that date on CNN news. Hopefully the terrorists won't do anything because they know we will be watching extra carefully now. Pray.

I Destroyed My Rock Music
I dont agree with destroying things but a better idea if you MUST do it is to sell the music/cd's on ebay. Ebay has a thing where you can donate your profits to charity. Then at least somebody will get some good out of it!

Should There Be Women Pastors
Hi Eloy,
You said that the devil persuaded the 'weaker sex' to sin, who persuaded Adam to sin? Please be patient with me, I am just learning.
thank you very much and God bless you

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