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Explain Galatians 1:8
Actually Trav - the book you're talking about is in the Pearl of Great Price, the Book of Abraham. The problem with that accusation is that no one knows exactly what was translated because most of the papyra was destroyed in a fire and only a few fragments survived. While many try to use that as some sort of "gotcha" - it just isn't so. With that, it becomes apparent that you read the wrong book. The Book of Mormon testifies of Jesus Christ and anyone who says otherwise is simply a liar. I hate using such harsh words but it's true.

Explain Galatians 1:8
I guess this scripture is supposed to prove that Mormons don't follow the gospel of Jesus Christ? As if angels aren't messengers from God throughout the Bible? Moroni instructed Joseph Smith as to where the plates were hidden. The plates became the BOM which, along with the Bible, contains the fulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Therefore, Joseph Smith will not be accursed because he didn't preach "another gospel." Most critics of the BOM have never opened it's pages and only parrot criticisms they have read from others. Too bad.

Donald Trump And Christians
Larry - Tim Pawlenty isn't Mormon. Mitt Romney is. The "horrible, blashpemous cult?" Ever wonder why Evangelical Christians turn people off? Could it be the self righteousness and total ignorance on display throughout these blogs? Here's a clue for ya Larry - a cult is a group centered around the worship of an individual...sounds like Christianity doesn't it? Do yourself a favor and tone down your rhetoric. By the way - Mormons worship Jesus Christ...not Joseph Smith as some will have you believe. Do some honest research - you might learn something.

Date Once Divorced
There is a man that got married just for citizenship papers, legally married. Then, he became Christian. Time passed and felt in love with a Christian lady. He got divorced and then married the Christian lady. Today God uses him in prophesying, healing, and preaching the Word of God. Might we condemn him? If God, knowing his past and present life, uses him for his kingdom, I would ever say that he is a sinner neither he would not go to heaven.

Do Christians Need To Marry
Interesting topic because I had the same question myself. Or rather, it was more along the lines of, "If two people have a wedding ceremony and make the public declaration to the friends, family and God to be committed, then why do people say they aren't really married if they don't have a license?"

The posts on this blog really helped with my own exploration of this.

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