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Is There A Burp Demon
Yes there are burp demons no lie... Have them say the prayer for devine mercy at an adoration chapel then Jesus is the Son of God! Under God's athority ask the demon to tell you its name then strongly command it to come out with GOD's power- but the chapel is most helpful the actual presence of God is in there! As I recall hearing on the EWTN channel the Devine Mercy Prayer Chaplet is said every weekday at 3:00, Lord Jesus Christ's death. It is not a laughing matter do not be fooled it is out to damage . Prayers sent! God have mercy on us all! You may need to try this for a while and lay hands on a Bible or u can in private! God Bless them and you!do not talk to it more than its name and avoid its voices listening to them imitating angels ect.,

Christian Marriage Counseling Tips
It has been my experience in working with the National Institute of Marriage, that the issue of communication is at the very core of a relationship. Most of the conflict that occurs with my husband stems from my inability to listen to him and really hear what he's trying to tell me.

Husband Has A Girl Friend
Sorry to say this but I am going through the same thing and they said they were just friends but it is more. He goes there after work till 3am. He says he shouldnt have to choose cuz he wont be happy but it is alright for me and kids to suffer. I know divorce is not an option for me either too expensive. So I have gone on with my life and do things for me and kids. maybe she'll get tired and leave. I pray everyday too. I'll pray for you too!

Is Harold Camping Correct
If Mr. Camping would show his true love for mankind, it most likely would not include his book profits, public speaking profits, and his financial ties with Family Radio. Mr. Camping thank you for calling, can we take the next call please. Thanks

Is Smoking A Sin
Smoking is a sin, because our body is God's temple and we are required to take care of it, and also because it harms others. Second hand smoke, that i breathed in the 18 years i lived at home has ruined my health to the point i'm disabled. My dad died of cancer from smoking, and my grandfather's lungs collapsed and he had a 10% lung capacity as he slowly suffocated to death over a period of years b/c of smoking. There is no benefit to smoking whatsoever.

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