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Beggars Ask For Money
Yes you can give money to people who need help, but sometime not everyone need help for a reason.

My Husband Is Out Drinking
So much advice, you are probably overwhelmed. I did a search on yahoo, about the problem I have with my husband(staying out late drinking)and you popped up. It is good to know that you are not the only one dealing with this situation. I know I can't make him stop and giving him ultimatums only leads to power struggles. I also know as a Christian woman the bible says an unbelieving husband is santified thorugh his wife...

My Husband Is Out Drinking
(1Cor 7:14) and that if a wife has unbelieving husband be in submission to win over by behavior (1 Pe 3:1). SIGH. This is easier said than done (living for Chirst) For example, I made sure my husband saw me put on my cleanest, tightest outfit to make him jealous and I dissappered (to a computer lab)LOL Stupid huh?? It is not easy to let your self be wronged and fight evil with good. I don't know how God does it.

My Husband Is Out Drinking
I guess it's because He is Love huh. Now, if the man is abusive (mentality or physically)to you and the children God is not saying to stay. I think only Jesus can suffer that much for someone's sins:)...JOKING. It is good to get it out and talk to others who are going through the same thing. I think I will do that and you should to. Regardless of him getting it together or not, you staying or not

My Husband Is Out Drinking
(I stand my ground on God's Word about divorce) you need some healing. Bitterness has a way of building. Also, I need to watch my word. Yes, I am a Christain and I fall several words can be very cruel. Thank God for his mercies. I think I have been gone long enough (30 mins lol) I think I got enough strength to love some more. I will pray for you.

Should We Close Christian Schools
I am a strong believer in private school or in homeschooling for the reason to take your children out of an unsafe and not morally right enviroment.I don't think that the attendance should be an issue or the pay should be an issue.What is the reason you're teaching the children that way for?
Pray God will send you more support in every area that this concerns.He knows your heart and he will do the best.
God bless,Keish9697

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