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Does God Search Your Heart
Yes God searches your heart always. You have to constantly ask to remove flesh so that your flesh can die daily. More of Jesus and less of the flesh.

Life Without Friends
Jesus is all the world to me. He is my life. He's everything that I hoped for. He's everything that I need. When I am lonely He is there. Jesus is my friend and the only friend that sticks closer than a brother. The only friend that will never leave you nor forsake you. Even if you turn your back on Him. I don't need anything else but Jesus as my friend all my needs are already taken care of. Bless the Lord! My friend!

Praise The Lord
It is good to finally come into responding to a blog and it not be foolishness. But just to share the goodness of the Lord Jesus Christ. I pray that your acts of faith and obedience touches some if not all lives on this site where we can come together more often and discuss the goodness of the Lord Jesus Christ. Because that's something worth talking about. Bless you!

Husband's Life-Style
You cannot be "unequally yoked" with your husband. It is time to leave. If he wants to live as a woman and believe that God made a mistake which he didn't in creating each and every one of us then you can't let him hinder you in your relationship with God and in your faith. Do what the Word says. Continue to seek God.

Can I Pierce My Nose
Of course you must seek God for all things but I have my nose pierced and it represents nothing. I just like it. I'm not in a gang. I love the Lord very much. It's not a statement it's expression of yourself. Piercings cannot be degrading such as in the genital area or your nipples. But your nose I say go for it.

Mother's Day Stories
My mom rescued me from South Carolina. She lived in North Carolina and drove from work to pick me up. A 4-6 hour ride. I don't remember. But I had quit my job for valid reasons and my mom in her tired state came to my rescue and aided me bak to Christ. Keeping me in church and in Bible Study. I appreciate her for that. She's the greatest. That's one story out of many. I love her!

Husband Left Me Yesterday
Time is a gift. Just like women are gifts to men and Jesus ia a gift to all mankind. Ecclesiastes 3:1 says to every thing there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven. Count it all joy even when it seems so hard to. Now is the time to seek God like never before. I do not know why your husband left but glory to God give God the praises anyway. It will drive the devil crazy.

Jesus Loves Me
John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in him shall not perish but have everlasting life. Which means God left his throne to become human to shed innocent blood to save us of our sins. Who else would die for you? That's a love found only in Jesus. Unconditional. Glory to God.

Wait On Him For Marriage
I am in a similiar situation where this guy has proclaimed his love for me and wants marriage and I need to see some fruit. Listen to the Jesus in you. Never lean unto your own understanding. I'm waiting for the right time. Patience is the key fruit here. Don't give up on him just yet and continue to seek the Lord.

Husband Has Cheated Twice
I believe that it is in your right to leave him if that's how you really feel. I have been cheated on and I forgave and got cheated on again. That kind of hurt and trust sometimes is not repaired. If you're tired then it's time to go. But don't run into sin. Be prayerful about your decisions.

Can I Clone Myself
I so not believe in cloning. My mother and I have this discussion quite often. It is like saying I am God. I am just as good as He is. Or that I may be better than God. And the scripture speaks of proud and boastful people just like this. Tell your friend if he wants to have a clone then get married and have a baby.

Single Mom With 2 Kids
In name of Jesus we come to you today praying for this young woman of the most High. Praying for her strength Lord God. Praying for her comfort Lord God. Praying that she will continually be guided by the Lord. That she may take her children in the name of Jesus and care for them.Be with her Lord and grant her the desires of her heart. In the name of Jesus. Amen. Be encouraged. With God all things are possible and you will make it through Jesus Christ alone. Hallelujah! Praise him. God bless.

Religion In Public Schools
First of all, religion should be no where near school. Religion is a traditional form of worship. God is not a traditional God. Therefore as a firm believer Christ should have His spirit in school because then it wouldn't be as bad as it is today. Not to mention that prayer is in school every time there is a test.

Cheated On My Wife
I believe that in a marriage you are to be honest about everything. If your motives were pure and you really wanted to make things right then you should explain that to your wife. Do not make her suspect anything or think otherwise. Keep it clean and honest. Seek God at all times for all answers and He will direct your path.

Stayed Over Night With Female
Quite frankly I believe that you should talk with your husband about his friends especially this female. In this situation I would have to admit I would have a lot of questions for him. I would not allow my husband to stay at another female's home with temptation lurking around the corner. I would have to be with him. I will drive back if it's too far. Or stay overnight. And if she don't like it then he can't stay either. Be prayerful and seek God.

Is This Man Saved
As I read this text to answer your question no this man was not saved at that time. Paul said that he was sinning and needed to be cast out of the church and into Satan's hands that he may recognize that he is sinning so that he can seek God in Jesus name and have the opportunity to be saved.

Jesus On The Cross
I do not know how long Jesus was on the cross. I really don't care how long he was on the cross. All that matters is he paid the way and broke the doors that we may go to God ourselves without the preacher. But in Jesus name we can pray directly to Him. Then he died yes. And laid for 3 days. And on that 3rd day he arose from the dead and ascended back to Heaven. Thank you Jesus! He was up that long enough.

Religions Of The World
If you are not in the body of Christ you are against the body of Christ. They all compete. No one religion competes they all do. Because the Bible says that you cannot serve two master. Love one and hate the other. So if one is practicing anything other than being filled with Christ that person goes against the body. Which is why as Christians we must reach out to every religion and bring them to Christ. The only true living God.

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