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Any Godly Single Women
Believe me there are some in this world and I consider myself one of them...I would love to have a male version of Proverbs 31, but I have to wait on God..I am now 61 and still desire to have that close fellowship with one other and God..Karin

Indifferent After Baptism
There is nil biblical reference to re-dedicating, nor being baptised again..was it full immersion baptism, the first time? Baptism doesnt change us;God's spirit does.Has your husband received His Holy Spirit?.It is God's spirit that can turn everything around..maybe you are in the wrong church if they practice re-baptising people? God's truth sets us free, and whom the Son sets free is free indeed...God bless.

Raise Someone From The Dead
Try fullfilling your great commission,"GO into the world and preach the gospel(GOD's words to YOU...YOU will NEVER raise anyone from the dead, nor will you EVER heal someone of cancer,only God does that.Lead some lost soul to Christ..that will change their life forever, THAT is really fullfilling, and that is what He requires of you.

Can Christians Work In A Bar
John.I dont think Jesus would hand a glass of alcohol to anyone.To work in a foodbar is a bit different from a bar, which concentrates purely on selling alcohol,and yes, I know, where do you draw the line?some have to work in these places if there is absolutely nothing else.Maybe there is a person in these places who needs to hear of Jesus."He did say go ye into all the world"..we can be a witness for Christ wherever we go....I dont think I would be comfortable in TAB or Bar, myself, however.

Is The Devil Just Dumb
Is it any different today, the "devil" in man still thinks it can go against God and win.. satan thought he was as great or greater than God and knew better than Him...if satan had thought God would win, he would not have bothered with this power play..he wanted to win, but Jesus is, was, and will be the ultimate winner...

Husband Wants Dirty Talk
R.A..... Many, many bars of soap I would say... This is really sad, and leaves me feeling disgusted... I am sure God would be too.this would not be is wretchedness, and soooooo bad.I couldnt live with a husband like that.

Is The Bible True
Because by believing the Bible, God's word, my life is richly BLESSED, what I learn and what I receive from God's word daily. If I did not believe so,I can see no point to my existence. My life is based on the Word, BY THE Word, and that Word is Jesus Christ.. He is the Word and He is true and faithful.

Can I Remarry Due To Adultery
I agree with Moderator,you ARE free to remarry due to your ex's situation..He has to answer to God for his own actions..I believe this is what God says..the adulterer is NOT free to re.marry,in the eyes of God but you are... God be with you........Karin.

What Country Are You From
I was naturally born in Germany,spiritually reborn in Australia, and I too am just passing through,I came from God and I will return to Him , to be eternally with Him and all His saints..God IS everywhere, even Down Under!!

Can Christians Be Obese
Obesity is not always purely due to overindulgence of eating/it can be inherited,or due to metabolic metabolism, or sickness we should not JUDGE by appearance, but what comes from the heart and mouth Obese christians are not less " standard" than "skinny ones"..Thanks be to God He looks on the heart, not our size.

Do You Know God
Before I received His Holy Spirit,I knew OF God,about God,but when I received His spirit , my relationship with Him changed, God became and continues to be EVERYTHING to me..He is my lord, my saviour, my friend and He died for ME.. as Adam and Eve, I walk and talk with Him.. He is personal and very real.. to know of some one or to know someone is very different..I KNOW and LOVE my God..and I am known by Him.

Does Satan Do Good Things
Satan sure does, he is a master to feed and pamper ones flesh, and is also infiltrating the church with his prosperity message.. he wants us to take our eyes OFF Jesus, and onto him..Satan is very capable to deceive.. even the very elect.he is very cunning and very sly.

Who Knows The Truth
Jesus is THE WAY, THE LIGHT AND THE TRUTH.(JOHN14;6)/the Spirit also is truth(1 John 5;6)Jesus is whom we follow, not each other, through His word,God's word,One christ,one spirit..His holy spirit.

Is The Bible True
I thought it was simply by God given faith...

Can Christians Drink One Beer
ephesians 5:18 says "And be not drunk (softened) with wine, wherein is excess, but be filled with the Spirit...this Spirit far surpasses all alcohol, no hangovers, but only pure joy...swigging at home versus public??..isnt that closet christianity?..each to his own i guess.

Does God Have A Wife
God's word never tells the beginning, God and his wife..we will be His future bride(His church)to come.Jesus is God, and through God's divine plan,we believe with faith that that is can we ever know what God did before He created the earth? I guess He had it planned, said the word and it became so..WHAT an AWESOME God, we serve.

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