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How Did Judas Die
david, I love that name. my late husband was dave and my son is dave. you are correct about leon, luke and markv. altho I don't think their post are used with much authority. seems simple to me.
Calvinism is easily understood but it is also false. I like getting into the deep things but Calvinist don't rate.

A Sin To Forgive
char, amen and amen

Who Owns The Word Of God
cluny, I don't live in England. maybe the queen did demand the copywrite of the king james but the rest of the world does not live by what the queen demands. the king james is not copywrited. go check it out for yourself but don't come back with anything from England.

Church Income For Poor
rita, sounds like your church is a beacon for your community. I love hearing things like you posted. all churches could follow that lead.

Purpose Of Lake Of Fire
markv, every single person that is ever born, they, (we) are all born a sinner. no matter what you think, you were still born a sinner. you have yet to tell me how you got saved. don't say the holy spirit because I know that part already.

Wear Hats In Church
karend, you are judgemental to the empth degree. you don't know what you are talking about. so YOU THINK I AM A HYPOCRIT? if you went to see obama how would you dress? well, I wouldn't care what I wore up there but I wear my best when I go to the house of God. did you know at any one time, many people are watching your life? my pastor and my church know I wear jeans unless I am at church. I am not trying to deceive anyone. I just prefer to dress differently for church. that is MY choice.

Chemicals Make Us Evil
Francis I don't bother to learn Helen white comments. I've learned enough about her. I like to learn what God says.

Where Is Sinners Prayer
Marks, I must respond from the free will blog . Please show me where I contradicted myself. God does not contradict and God says we have free will. Jesus had free will too because He could have called 10,000 angels to save Him but He freely died for THE WHOLE WORLD

It's February 2013. What's up?
trish, I am glad you had a special day. I have been reading your post and you have my prayers. my daughter is flying here from texas to spend 4 days with me. we always have fun together. all my days are special even tho emory hospital in Atlanta turned me down for a lung transplant. I am 9 years over age limit. God bless

Worldly Church Denominations
lawrence, please show me where the catholic church is in the bible. it isn't in my king james bible. we are to call no man father but God. catholics can't say that. we are to have no other Gods before us...we don't pray to mary. our intercessor is Jesus Christ. we don't have ritual like catholic church. I still believe our demonination tells others what we believe. I have a great friend who is catholic but she never mentions it to me.

What's Up? It's October 2012
thanks markv, I need prayers of christians. I know you are are a dedicated child of the King.

Speak In Tongues
darlene, bless your heart. you are truly a blessed lady. I will tell you I have been in many baptist churches and most were cold with no spirit. I call them ready for the cemetary because they are dead. they go thru the motions if someone can get them worked up. I love my little church because the Holy Spirit shows up on a regular basis. it took me a long time to find my church and it is twenty miles from my apt. we have teens in our church who sing and one of them would get full and she would stop singing but she is 20 and she is on fire for the Lord. love you sweet friend.

Looking For Signs From God
I had a real estate sign in my front yard and God sent someone to buy my house. Really the jews wanted a sign and actually they are still looking for a sign.

Is The King James Bible Holy
kathr, when you post on christianet it becomes public and our business. I don't know what you are talking about concerning my father. I am seasoned in my faith and actually I dont need your advice. please look at the construction of your own sentences. The king james is still God's Word and it is sacred. so if you know what independent baptist believe, why do you question my dad? my dad was a born again believer and he knew the Word of God.

What Do Atheists Believe
markv, you are right about hell. God does not send anyone to hell, people choose to go there when they reject Jesus Christ. I would be afraid to be an athiest because I would be afraid of going to hell but that is where athiest is headed.

Christian Democrat Republican
Leon, nothing markv said incates any anger. You seem to be on the defensive about everyone who don't agree with you. why would you vote for a president who has no background? Hardly voted when he was in office. He was elected because he is black and the black community voted for him because he was one of theirs. I would have no problem voting for Herman cain if he were running. Herman cain is presidentail material...not obama. have you ever wondered why no one can find his college records? You are racist against anyone who don't like obama...well, brother, I don't like him and have never liked him and he has ruined our country whether you agree or not.

Sow A Seed Ministries
you can sow seed by living a Godly life. At any one time, 100 people are watching your life especially if you say you are a christian. The unsaved are watching to see how many "mistakes" you make and the saved are watching you to see how you handle a certain problem. When my husband passed away, I had a lady to actually ask me why I wasn't distraught and uncontrolled tears. She even told me I act like it didn't matter. Yet another one said she watched me the day of his funeral and thought to herself I wish I could be like you if I am ever in that position. I had already cried so many tears, my tear ducts were shock and not believing what was happening to me.

Any Godly Single Women
eloy are you really a genius? There are no contradictory statements in the King James bible. Did God give you authority to re write what He has written already? I don't think so. You are pathetic to say the least. God, please forgive.

Slain In The Spirit
where do you get the idea that older people want to experience penticostal experiences? Being slain in the spirit voodoo and demonic. I don't think I need that kind of excitement.


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