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Tribulation Without A Rapture
My knowledge comes from 35 yrs of studying
the whole book, i've learned from no man and i follow no man, My brother is my guide
& my father my strength.
All i can say to you is, People need to read the whole bible at least twice,prayerfully.. so you don't condem yourself for misinterpiting the word of God.
Do you want a doc. that has read the manuel or one who only studied this part or that part?

Tribulation Without A Rapture
Good answer Beth!
Luke 21:34-36,
And take heed to yourselves, lest at any
time your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting,and drunkeness, and Cares of this
life, and so that day come upon you unawares. for as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth.
Watch ye therefore, and Pray always,
that ye may be counted WORTHY to ESCAPE
all these things that shall come to pass,and
to stand before the son of man.
The proof i stand on...

Are Death Bed Salvations Real
Good & truthful answers..
praise God!

Was This A Demon
It's sick how people pick and choose what part to believe or What interpitation they will apply to the inspired word of God. Be careful what you disreguard when it comes to Gods words...

Are Death Bed Salvations Real
I would say yes,
the thief on the cross was on his death bed and he was saved, now that don't mean a person can fool God and just wait until their dying and then call on god...
I don't think that will work.

Once Saved Always Saved
Not true,
many in that day shall say to the lord did'nt i do this in your name and did'nt i do that in your name? The bible says he will tell them, I never knew you!

What Is The Gospel
I think john 3:16 sums it up in a nut shell.

Does God Love Those In Hell
Good job bro!
keep'em honest

Is It A Sin To Eat Pork
Paul said,As long as its not sacrificed unto idols its ok!
I know at one time it was'nt allowed for the isrealites.

Why Mary Was A Virgin
Vain ?'s lead to uselessness,
just like this ?, and the lord commands us not to do this kinda stuff,
My ? would be what does this ? have to do with the gospel of our lord?
A simple answer for a simple ?, God wanted it that way!

Once Saved Always Saved
Did you know that all jews & christians worshipped the lord on sat. and it was'nt until the romans became a christian nation under constitine in 313 ad. that we started doing the sunday worship, do you know why? because the romans worshiped the sun on the 1st day of the week hense the word "sunday"
and we went for it, better than the lions eating us, I guess! God or the romans, i choose God.

Once Saved Always Saved
Good Job jody m.

Why Mary Was A Virgin
God bless you

Tribulation Without A Rapture
Forgive them father, they are trying,
help them not to stumble on your words.

Tribulation Without A Rapture
The 1000 yrs. started? You have lost all concept of biblical reality.With a statement like that, shows a lack of biblical knowledge on your part, satan knows some bible verses himself and look where he's at and where he's going..Please don't take this wrong I'm only concerned for you because someone has lied to you. and as a good brother should do,i tell you the truth!

Jesus After He Was Crucified
In the book of samuel,
you can read about when the witch of endor brought samuel out of his resting and samuel talked with saul and told him today
his kingdom is given to another and that he is going to die in the battle.
the begger lazarus{not the friend of our lord}that was comforted by abraham when he died and the other man that had to live in torment, and does thirst to this day. waiting to be judged for his works or the lack of them!

How Do You Feel About Death
1st of all there is no place in the bible that says when you die you dont know or feel anything without misinturpating what you've read,don't confuse hell and the lake of fire as one place, if you die without christ you go straight to hell and suffer until the day of judgment and if you die in christ you go to a place of rest where the prophet samuel was. hav'nt you read of the souls that cry out to the lord and ask him how much longer before you avenge us. sounds to me their quite aware of somethings.

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