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Ex-Husband Wants Me Back
The bible says if a man devorces his wife he has made her to be an adulteress which is bad. But Jesus said, if a man does that he is not mary another woman, so the only option he has is to come back to his ex-wife for re-marriage. So it is the best idea in the sight of God to have your husband back if you love him. It is in the Gospel of Matthew the scripture which supports this. Amen

Is Jesus The God Of The OT
They are blinded remember Jesus was there before the OT itself (John 1 vs 1 and the following. If you do not have the foundation the house will not stand, so do they, you need the old testament in order to understand the new other wise it will be difficult for you and you will miss out.

What Is Unforgiveness
Peter asked the Lord,that how many times do i still have to forgive a friend and Jesus said, seventy times seventy times which means there is no limit as far as forgiving someone because it helps. So you must strive to forgive because you yourself was like that to God and God forgave you but he did not cut contact with you, you are still in fellowship with him. So do likewise but in more carefull way bcause Jesus said, "I send you as sheeps in the midst of wolves."

Is It A Sin To Eat Pork
No, the bible says, "Whatever goes into a man does not difile him (what he eats), but what comes out of him defiles him", because out of a man comes evil thoughts, immmoraliy, drunkennesss, you name it

Does God Love Those In Hell
They are doomed to destruction, will you continue to love something you want to burn in fire or something you chuck in the bin. Look God hates sin and hell is full of sin how can God love that which belongs to sin it is not his it is the Devil's. Amen

Is Self Baptism Acceptable
You cannot baptize yourself, because Jesus said Go ye into the world and preach............and whoever beilives and be Baptized shall be saved". You can not save youself you need to be saved, so does baptism you need someone to actually baptize you and you need witnessess as the bible says.

Rapture In 2007
I don't believe in 2007 rapture because God is still doing some preparation work for his people to preach the Gospel. No one knows the day nor the hour that the son of man is coming". "Go ye into the world and preach the Gospel and whoever believes and be baptised shall be saved". So it is time to make disciples and mind you rapture is going to occur in God's time because i too belive in rapture, but in God's time as the bible says.

I Cheated On My Wife
Pray to God for wisdom, but it is a good idea that you told her. The bible says it is good to be reconciled to your wife whom you have devorced, so please try by all means to persuade her that you are not going to do it again and always be faithful and trust God it will work because nothing is impossibe for God. Amen

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