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Christians Act Opposite Of Love
Because we are sinners Robert and far from perfect.

Things Not Listed In The Bible
Agreed moderator. The bible interprets itself and as regards things like drugs, smoking and other harmful things we do to our body the bible makes it clear that we are to look after this body that God has given us. It doesn't say we should not break the speed limit because cars didn't exist but we are not to kill other people or do harm and we are to obey the laws of the land we live in etc. etc. There is usually an answer if we look for it.

Attend TV Church Or Local Church
If you are fit and well and can get to your chosen church regularly then that is where you should be spiritually fed. We need the 'assembling together' as well as the sermon. Some T.V. preachers are excellent and I watch them when I cannot get to church, through illness (or rain - I have a very long walk to church) but it not the same as having the fellowship of like-minded people.

Recently Studied The Bible
Alan, I sometimes find it helpful to make a note of the main texts used in Sunday's sermons and then read those portions myself in the week. Sometimes I get something very different (I don't mean contradictory though) from what the preacher got from those verses. It's interesting how we see different messages in a verse yet they are all valid. In addition I find daily notes helpful and checking out verses quoted by you all on C.N.

Unspeakable Groanings
Yes, just once, when my problems were so great and I was so distessed I could not utter words at all. I think that is when the Holy Spirit intervenes and speaks for us. God already knows our needs but he wants communication with/from us, even if all we can do is sink onto our knees and leave the rest to Him.

The Shame Of A Divorce
I have no personal experience but I imagine that how much anyone recovers from the shame of a divorce will depend on many factors. It will be different for a person who did something shameful to bring about the divorce than for the person who was left and was the innocent party. Other people might not let you forget the shame even though you know that God and the other party have forgiven everything. Keeping it between yourselves and God will bring about quicker healing than listening to others I think.

What Is A Calvanist
That is exactly my point Alan. The Calvinists just don't seem to be able to accept that if they believe that God chose from the beginning who He would save, then they should also believe that He chose from the beginning those He would not save. A loving God does not create anybody at all deliberately for the devil. We have choice.

What Is A Calvanist
I no longer discuss predestination with Calvinists because we reach stalemate very quickly. I say that if God chose who WILL be saved He also chose who WILL go to HELL. They say "no, no, a God of love would not do that. People choose to send themselves to Hell. It is man's sin that condemns him." I can never get beyond that. Either we believe we are predestinated or we do NOT . I DO NOT but will read all answers here.

Nations Not Heard The Gospel
Alan and Linda, there is a verse (which I cannot find, although I have been searching for it for quite some time) which says that people will be judged according to their knowledge, or something like that. Alan I think you and I are referring to the same verse. I hope someone can tell us where it is.

Who Really Killed Goliath
If all the names of people referred to in the bible were not written in English equivalents we would all have great difficulty reading the bible. We are in danger of letting this become a very silly discussion.

Bible States No Christmas Trees
I think the majority of Christians know that Christmas Day is not the actual birthday of Jesus. I don't see that this matters seeing that we don't know the actual date (those who claim to know always give different dates anyway). What we do on that date is 'remember' his humble birth and the reason why He came to earth. I see no wrong in that. As a family we avoid most of the hype and commercialism and use the day for what we think are the correct reasons. Santa is an absolute no no.

Biblical Evolution Exists
No Steve that is not evolution, they are all part of the dog family (canine) just as lions, domestic cats, tigers etc. are all of the same family (feline). Adam and Eve are the original human beings, just look at the diversity of humans now, or don't you believe that God made only 2 humans? If you are having problems with any of this why don't you contact Ken Ham yourself, he'd enjoy the challenge.

Nations Not Heard The Gospel
pkay if you are correct in saying that those words mean that 'every person' will hear the gospel then I think we should all just forget about living in the end times. In the U.K. many (and I really mean MANY) have not heard the gospel. Susie says the same about U.S. and I'm sure others will say the same about their countries. If every individiual is to hear and have the opportunity to accept or reject the gospel of Jesus Christ we are nowhere near the 'end-times'.

New Voting System In Place
Alan, if you are correct in your answer to MAC and I'm sure you are, then it would have been better all along if we had been shown that each individual has a certain number of negative votes and a certain number of positives. The total (whether positive or negative) would have made a lot more sense. Mrs. Morgan's score now shows us that quite a few voted POSITIVELY for her whereas she always had a large NEGATIVE score before which made it look as if no-one voted FOR her.

Can Christians Be Obese
Everyone who is obese knows whether they are obese because of gluttony or a health issue which prevents them losing weight. The first group can choose to do something about it. The second group cannot without medical intervention and, even then, it might not help. The majority who have answered this are not condemning or being self-righteous but a few overweight people do seem to wish to justify their size. Are they the ones who do not wish to try to lose weight because it might mean eating less?

Are Abortions Ever Right
Saultopaul since you say this ' That means its your burden to prove its wrong since you say its wrong.' doesn't it follow that is is YOUR burden to prove it is right since you say it is right? Where is your proof?

Was The Second Day Good
God does not say that it was 'not' good either. Nothing that He makes is anything other than good.

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