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Is Unbathed Rebellion
hi Mary, response to your question about your mother bathing, is not a sin not to bathe...she might be smelly but only god knows the heart, however having said that if your mother had a close relationship with jesus, i'm sure He would encourage her to wash, just for hygiene's sake and to be a witness to others.

Does God Love Everybody
Hi Beth. God loves everyone,..(john 3:16), For God loved the world,( humanity ) so much that He gave His only Son, so that anyone that believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. God loves man,..whom was created in His image but God detests sin.... and the wages of sin is death, (eternal ).Seek His son , the saviour Jesus and live a life of righteousness and be saved or refuse his son and find etenity !!!, hell.

Do We Pay For Sin
Hi Lyd, when God forgives your sin He remembers it no more it is thrown into the sea of forgetfullness.If you have poured out your heart to God for forgiveness and recognise that only through the blood of Jesus can He forgive your sins he will.but if you continue in sin,...whatever it may be ( look in new testament ) and don't truely repent and walk in righteousness, then there are consequences to your sin, give the devil a foothold. when you knowingly sin you must quickly ( sincerely ) repent .

What Does Apostate Mean
Lee The Law was given only until faith came. What Law was that please and why is it no longer valid after faith? Please reply with a bible text

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