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Tithe Net Or Gross Income
For those who say that the minister will live off tithes for doing nothing. What is it when members call them all times of the day and night, when they travel to the nursing homes and hospitals to visit the sick and elderly, conducting funeral and weddings, along with the responsibilities of a full-time job and family. Not to mention, the full time ministers who have no life or health insurance because they have given up their jobs to become full-time ministers to properly educate their congregation. The bible says be a cheerful giver not a giver who wants to know what their tithes are paying for. For those of you who are not satisfied with the teachings or your pastor, seek membership elswewhere.

Evolution Taught In School

natural selection is the mechanism by which evolution works. they are not separate issues or separate theories. the difference between your separated mice and microbe-to-man is time span. if we're around long enough, instances of so called macroevolution will be recorded and documented in the future by scientists as they are in the past by the fossil record.

and please explain how information MUST be lost because it seems to me any way you look at it you're talking about DNA replication and transmission, and last time i checked, when an error in DNA replication occurs it can result in loss, gain or simple replacement of information.

Evolution Taught In School

you're doing it again. you say you understand the meaning of the word theory in science, then you prove you don't. in science a theory is not something some guy thought up and can't prove either way. a theory MUST be supported by a wealth of evidence. the theory of evolution by natural selection is supported overwhelmingly by the evidence.

evolution by natural selection is an observable fact. it happens, and is observed daily. the problem is you keep looking for proof that mr and mrs horse can give birth to a camel, and that is simply not how it works.

Evolution Taught In School

the only problem with your moon calculations is you are limiting them to a time table i can only respectfully refer to as misguided.

i would be willing to bet that is also the main flaw with your understanding of evolution, from which all other flaws stem.

truth can only be achieved trough the facts found through science. you can no more find the answers to evolution in genesis than you can find the answers to the great questions in religion in an evolutionary science textbook.

as a scientist, you should know that picking the right source is vital.

Evolution Taught In School

I couldn't tell you in 125 words all that's wrong with your understanding of evolution. 125 paragraphs might not be enough. i would recommend you start by learning what theory means in science and do some basic research. you'll find the objections you have to this theory have been made before, and have been answered.
and yes, of course, billions of years.


i didn't dig at all. it's well known fact. i invite you also to find out what the word theory means in science. i didn't say the earth spins because of the moon, only that it spins at its current speed because of the moon. without it it will spin much faster.

Evolution Taught In School

For all that you claim to know science you are misinformed. Your understanding of evolution is seriously flawed and you might want to investigate the role of the moon in defining the length of days on Earth. Days are as long as they are now because of where the moon is. As the moon continues to slowly drift away from the Earth, days will get longer. And when the moon finally breaks away from the Earth's gravity, the Earth will spin so much faster that days will be about 6 hours long. They will be this long whatever the Bible says.

Demon Will Not Leave Me
OMG!That's rough.But whenever I get mad,everything goes black and when I wake up,my friend tells me that I beat the crap out of someone.

Benny Hinn's Great Crusade
I have wanted to go, but hearing that he collects money and even one leaves not healed is not the same teachings I see in the bible. Jesus never charged and everyone was healed. We are to see even greater things in our day...not more disappointments for a man who lives in a mansion and owns a jet!

My Dad Had An Affair
I think it needs to be brought to the surface. It's hard to heal if it's hidden. You can forgive and not be bitter, or else you'll get eaten up even more. But bringing it up I think is absolutely necessary and bless your heart for keeping it in so long. I pray your family can move on and that sinful nature is removed!

Blogging Views Changed
Your evolution theory does not scare me, MikeM. I find it boring, very boring.

I Have Drinking Problem
I am a Christian and I'm 20 plus years sober. I do it with God and the help of the other sober people in Alcoholics Anonymous.

Marry After Six Divorces
Have you been married before, Marcia?
Did you read the Moderator's comments about multiple personalities - O'darn, I meant marriages. Three is about it for the normal person. I suppose if you're a loon, it could be six or seven, the number of completion, or eight, new beginnings.....

Is Purgatory A Real Place
I know there's no Purgatory, now. I was Catholic. I'm glad there is no Purgatory because its too cruel. Either your saved or your not saved. Heven or Hell, that's all that Jesus spoke of. He gave us instructions and I hear His voice, not the Catholic Church. I never had the wonderful spiritual experiences that I have now, when I was in the RCC. Nothing near it. The only way I can explain it is, I felt set free when I left. It's like breathing fresh air now. Now I really know Jesus. Treasure! He's good.

Here Is The Recipe And Cook Blog
This is my recipe for chicken and dumplings:

Buy a plumb boiling chicken
Buy a 5 lb. bag of flour

Wrap carefully in the grocery bag, drive that bag over to my mother's home, and let her cook it. She makes great chicken and dumplings. Been working for 40 years for me.

Are Women Preachers Scriptural
I see extremism and I'd like to know if it was cultural (women remain silent, by separating them from the men). I'm not so sure if it's all cut and dried here.

Miriam, Huldah, Esther, Abigail, Anna, Deborah, Elisabeth, Eunice, Euodias, Hanna, Joanna, Lois, Lydia of Thyatira, Mary, Milcah and Phebe.
Female prophets - Miriam, Deborah, Huldah, Anna

Are Women Preachers Scriptural
No, not according to most religions. Many men find a woman in the pulpit very offensive.
But then you see the haughtiness of some men, patting themselves on the back all the day long. Believing their revelations and presence at every meeting are something to behold, indeed. That everything that comes out of their mouth is utterly astounding and the ground quakes. I step back and want to throw up.

Is Salvation Fair Of God
Salvation is fair, and it's free. God is just, and He makes salvation available to all. A new book "I'm Still in His Hands" by Douglas L. Ross addresses this issue, check it out.

Am I A New Creation In Christ
You may not be perfect, but God still loves you. A new book: "I'm Still in His Hands" by Douglas L. Ross addresses the issue of christians sinning, and how sin affects our relationship with God.

Money Management And Faith
Yes, like oil and gas production, that you drive your car and heat your house with.
Like John Deere, machinery that most every farmer of our nation's food supply uses....

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