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How To Deal With Pressure

I never mentioned guilt, fear, or shame on my post.

It is NOT what the Lord or His disciple felt either.

So your comment is false and misguided.

Chritianity is not for the "Light Weights"
"Save by grace!" now lets go to potluck. Carnal Bourgoise Chrisrtian crowd.


What's Up February 2010
God Bless you Trish9863!

May God lead you to a new horzon as you pass through these storms of life.

History Of The Christian Faith
Wayne if you believe what you claim concerning the Virgin Birth. Then by definition you believe that Jesus was a bastard. Born out of fornication.

And by you own reasoning, God not only condones, but blesses fornication, premarrital sex, and adultery. Since he decreed his Holy Son and Savior to be born of fornication.

Is this then your believe???

What Is Vicar Of Christ
Why does the RCC have so many ghost stories of Mary?

Give Me This Man
There's a Country song about a guy who prayed to God about some girl he liked when he was in High School.

Year laters he gets married to the real woman God chose for him.

It's main chorus is......

"Thank God for unanswered prayers"

Jewish Followers Of Yahushua
"Pastor Jim: Regardless of what most scholars believe, would you say Rev. 2:2 either (literally or allegorically) refers to the Nicolaitans or not? Thanks." :)
---Leon on 12/11/09

Yes, it definitely does.

Their doctrine was similar to that of Balaam, "who taught Balak to cast a stumbling block before the children of Israel, to eat things sacrificed to idols, and to commit fornication" (Rev 2:14,15).
FYI...These 7 letters (Completeness) are for all churches past/ present/ future. They contain everything we need in a nutshell.

What Does 666 Mean
That's a good point Mark Eaton.

Mother Is A Confirmed Atheist
Thanks MarkV for being spiritual in your post. It was dead accurate and You're, right, I did engage in some church bashing.

Jewish Followers Of Yahushua
We know very little about this sect. Only references we have is Rev. and in Acts.

We DO know they were located in Northern Africa around Alexandria and were well know and vemently opposed for heresy.

What we are not sure about is whether or not they actually made it as far North as Asia (Ephesus). Most scholars believe the text is only an allegory reference to this heretical sect. The reason for this is because it is used again to the Pergamum Church REV2:15 along with OT Heretics such as Balaam and Balak. To Thyatiras REV2:20 it refers to Jezebel in the Aorist tense but we know her to be an OT figure as well.
There are other examples but I have the 125 word ltd.

Is It A Sin To Take Five Dollars
Not according to the Gospel of Judas!

Mother Is A Confirmed Atheist
Then your point is futile!

Is Cursing UnBiblical
Although Paul and Peter used curse words and hand gestures when they were angry.

It was NOT something they were proud of and they preached against it.

I agree with Rhondas post on this subject.

Is Mary The Co-Redeemer
When you hear Catholic Radio or hear them talk amongst themselves. You get the distinct impression that Mary is not the Co-redeemer, but "THE REDEEMER!" and Jesus is in the backround as a possible co-redeemer.

Jesus is not nearly as important to Catholics as Mary.

But outwardly all you hear is denials of this doctrine, Just listen to their Relative Radio or act as if you are one of them. You'll get the real scoop on what they REALLY beleive.
Don't let these posters kid ya!
They speak one way to you and another to themselves.

Pastors Teach Tithing
Actually Mike if you read scipture Jesus had a whole list of labels for the Pharissees. See the 8 woes and read other verses.

Witnessing To Jewish Woman

You would need to get educated in all aspects of Judism/Christianity. Since they are the same(except for Messiah). This could take several years. If you do not have this knowledge you would appear as an ignorant "Jesus Love You" Christian.

An alternative would be to take her and Yourself to a Messianic Temple. I highly recomend Gentiles to attend these, and it would be your best witness to her.

At last resort I would recomend "Jews for Jesus" although I'm not impressed by their tactics (Tracts etc)

Good Luck Sister!!!

Yeshua For His Son
My apologies Wayne!

A Hasadic Rabbe (Lubavitch) friend of mine is trying to gather a Quorum for his Chabab as we speak. Its very difficult for him.

There are(from what I know) two schools of thought in the Hasadic Traditions. One is that present day Israel is Geo Political only and Zion will come later (3rd Temple). Another is present day Israel is the The New Zion as it stands(Lubavitch). Which is your believe?

Or are there other thoughts on this?

Show Me The Rapture Scriptures
Like I said MarkV.

It's between you and God, NOT you and me. I spoke the word, so I'm done. I did my job.

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