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Confession Of Sin

I only just looked up Ravi Z. It's sad when Christian leaders do this kind of thing, and the collateral damage is disillusioning many believers and driving them away from God. As Paul wrote: "'God's name is blasphemed among the nations because of YOU!' as it is written."

Unfortunately, many Christians have a superficial faith, believing "easy forgiveness". They have no problem committing horrible sins - they just confess to God, and believe he will automatically forgive them of anything and everything. They don't take responsibility for their actions. They assume God's forgiveness is a magical "get out of consequences free" card. This is loving oneself, not loving one's neighbor, nor loving God.

What Is The Strong Delusion
The dictionary says a delusion is a false belief or opinion, a fixed false belief resistant to reason or confrontation with actual fact.

Conspiracy theories are a good example. When confronted with evidence the theory is false, its believers double down and say "Oh! They got to you too!". When you provide them with much evidence, they call it fake - or with multiple witnesses, they believe the witnesses are just "in on it".

Such people won't even accept the truth when it's staring them plainly in the face. 2 Thessalonians 2:10-13 talks about such people. They are unwilling to accept the truth, so God effectively says, "OK, if you won't believe the truth, go ahead and believe this lie instead."

Confession Of Sin

Believe WHAT, exactly? Many believe different things, but believing the wrong things doesn't help. It's important to know what to believe - so how does one know that? From scripture. But one can't understand what scripture says unless one understand what the words used in scripture (i.e. by the original authors) actually mean.

You can't answer "whether Paul is right" - until you FIRST know what words he said (i.e. as written in scripture), and second, unless you now what the words he said actually MEAN. Most Christians don't understand Hebrew and Greek, and rely on the interpretation of translators - which is usually pretty good, but it's not 100% accurate, as no translation can be.

Confession Of Sin

Scripture, not heart.

1) Hating your neighbor is killing them in your heart (1 Jn 3:15)
2) You must hate your family to be Jesus' disciple (Lk 14:26)
Greek "mison" isn't exactly "hate", or the only way to be Jesus' disciple is so murder your family in your heart?!

"Thou shalt not kill." (Ex 20:13). The Bible condones capital punishment, just war, and meat - all of which "kill". Hebrew "ratzach" doesn't exactly match "kill" either.

Doctrines based simple translation of a single word leads to error. Also, many commit atrocities based on what they "believe in their heart", so it is not reliable. It is deceitfully wicked (Jeremiah 17:9).

Confession Of Sin

You can't create a doctrine without knowing what words used MEAN. Most people take translators' words for it, meanings get distorted in translation, as words in one language don't precisely match those in others, and also words change meaning over time.

Genesis 2:18: "I will make him an help meet for him."

"Helpmeet" wasn't one word meaning "help-mate". It meant "suitable", e.g. "a helper suitable for him".

Matthew 20:25-26: "but whosoever will be great among you, let him be your minister"

"Minister" didn't mean preacher, pastor, administrator, etc. It meant "servant", which makes more sense in the context of the passage.

Love God And Others
Unfortunately, many think they love God, but prove they really don't, because they keep ignoring everything God said to do. E.g. "Didn't we prove we loved you, by murdering pagans, torching their villages, and taking their gold to give to the church?" - A common attitude during the European conquest of the Americas and most of the rest of the world. Sadly, there have always been, and still are, people who think piety is this.

Matthew 7 puts it very well:
22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?
23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

Confession Of Sin

That's because it is so basic every Christian should know it, but since you don't:

Romans 3:23: For *all have sinned*, and come short of the glory of God
Also, Romans 5:12, Psalm 143:2, 2 Chronicles 6:36, Isaiah 53:6, Micah 7:2, Mark 10:18, Luke 18:19

Not "some". Not "most". ALL. NOBODY was saved before the coming of Jesus. Because if they were, Jesus would not have needed to come to save people who were already saved. This is so obvious. Why can you not see it?

Isaiah 45:17 says *shall be*. Future. I.e. *it hadn't happened yet*. It didn't happen until Jesus died and was raised. You constantly quote prophecies, while ignoring what they refer to and when.

Confession Of Sin

YOU are the one who was confused. During their lives, Moses and David were not saved. If they had been, Jesus would not have needed to come to save them. What part of this is unclear to you? NOBODY was saved until Jesus came to save them.

The alternative is that salvation exists outside of Jesus. Do you really believe that?

This issue has nothing to do with "the house of Israel", or whether or not Jesus was sent to only them, so why do you keep bringing that up?

Also, why do you address comments I made to Ruben and not you, yet you ignore comments I made to you directly?

Confession Of Sin

LIES. Show ONE place where I defended abortion. You can't, so you're bearing false witness. I know that doesn't seem to mean a lot to you, since you do it so often, but since the Bible thinks it's important, I would have expected you would, too.

I don't "kneel before any Democrat in power". Another lie.

You keep hurling blanket accusations at me, yet never mention one single specific thing I do or say that is biblically wrong. (Not generalities based on biases, inferences and implications. Actual concrete things.) Don't keep inferring things about "my doctrinal beliefs" that you make up in your own mind. Quote something I ACTUALLY SAID here, and take issue with that.

And good luck with that.

Confession Of Sin

Salvation and eternal life through Jesus didn't exist in the OT, so no, neither David, Moses, nor anyone else in the OT were saved. (If that were possible, Jesus would never have needed come, would he?)

Also, David and Moses repented their sins. Pastors in scandals didn't show up because they repented and they confessed their sins. They got caught red-handed - no repentance there.

Yes, not killing any babies would be ideal, but that has never happened. One way to lower the number is prohibition (which never worked, not for alcohol, nor drugs, nor abortions). Another way is to eliminate demand, by reducing unwanted pregnancies.

Both methods have been tried. The second is much MORE effective than the first.

Confession Of Sin

Tim wrote: Your worldview is just like the communist leaders of these countries not the people.

He implied people's views are more important. I said that if so, people overwhelmingly chose Biden over Trump in 2020. (Also Hillary over Trump in 2016, but electoral laws handed him the victory).

I NEVER "defended abortion". I show that eliminating unwanted pregnancy is MORE EFFECTIVE than outlawing it - yet you NEVER address this. Why?

What "deviant lifestyles" do you think I defend? Be specific. I keep asking you this, yet you refuse to answer.

Confession Of Sin

It's that you should mention that, because that seems to be a prevalent belief among American Evangelicals. If you ask them, "Are you saved?", they will certainly answer "Yes!". This is not based on the fact that God came down and told them so. It's based on their own belief - and that belief can sometimes be wrong.

Case in point: there are many cases of pastors being expelled or even arrested because of scandals involving adultery, child abuse, embezzlement, or worse - which would never happen to truly saved people. Also, snake-handling pastors who rely on Mark 16:18 - and die from snake bites, so there's some kind of disconnect between belief and reality there.

Failure Of Democrat Regime

I've been on this site over a decade, and you've only a few weeks, yet you think you know a lot about me? You have NO IDEA what would make me happier.

What part of "my worldview" is "like the communist leaders" and what "propaganda" am I spreading? Be specific.

SEVEN MILLION more voted for Biden than Trump - the largest margin in history. Biden won by a landslide. So if one wants to understand the worldview of the people in THIS country, there it is. Conservatives are NOT in the majority. In fact, they lost the popular vote in all but two elections in the past half century. The only reason they won more presidents despite this is due to gerrymandering.

Confession Of Sin

You wrote: Im nice to Christians.

You should instead do what Jesus said. He said that loving your friends proves nothing, because even thieves do the same. The mark of a Christian is loving your ENEMIES.

Failure Of Democrat Regime

I don't watch CNN. Stop bearing false witness. AGAIN.

Fascists are EXTREME RIGHT. Please consult a dictionary or encyclopedia before spouting embarassing information.


Suggestion we be "given a one-way ticket to a communist country" comes off as sarcastic and condescending. Perhaps YOU should actually try to "be kind".

I repeatedly said that I am not a communist. My family came from a country later overrun by communists after WW2, then things got worse. I visited them. Have YOU ever actually been to a communist country?


I already explained about abortion, but you NEVER respond, so why should I bother anymore?

Failure Of Democrat Regime

It's not supposed to. The Constitution is a broad framework for Congress to erect laws on. It includes gun ownership *as an afterthought* AND Congress the power to pass laws, and courts the power to interpret those laws *in its main body*. No court ruled gun ownedship age limits unconstitutional.

If thugs invade your home, you can defend yourself. Going OUT OF STATE to a riot zone after expressing an itch to shoot people is NOT defending yourself. It's going out of your way to look for trouble. Learn the difference.

But sure. Go ahead and defend someone who killed two people because he went where he had no business going, and broke several laws to do it. Talk about calling evil good! Look in a mirror!

Failure Of Democrat Regime
Some time before the incident, KR said he wanted an AR-15 so he could shoot protesters. *He wanted to kill people*. He thought killing was a sport.

He knowingly broke curfew and conspired with a friend to obtain a weapon illegal for him to own.

A court declares "Kyle Rittenhouse was innocent". Conservatives applause the integrity of the judicial system.

Many courts declare "Biden won the election fair and square". Conservatives scream "Stop the steal!", call the judges corrupt (even though many were conservative, and many even Trump appointees).

What hypocrisy! They should decide whether to respect the judicial system, or not, and stick to it.

Confession Of Sin

You wrote: Unreal. Bizarre, or maybe more than a touch insane.

Yes, it is. You come to a Christian site, and claim to be a Christian, yet most of the time you spend here is spent insulting, accusing, and maligning other people here, most of whom have been here much longer than you have. Do you behave the same way in real life?

Confession Of Sin
So many here assume the worst about others, and accuse them of things without evidence. How "Christian".

One commandment important enough to be written in stone, says "Thou shalt not bear false witness against they neighbor". All accusations had to be brought by 2-3 three witnesses. Penalties for perjury were severe - the perjurer received twice the penalty the accused was subject to.

Many people reject Christianity, not because they detest Christ, but because they detest the hypocrisy of those who claim to serve him, yet totally ignore everything he said and held dear - as Paul quoted the scathing condemnation:
Romans 2:24: For the name of God is blasphemed among the Gentiles through YOU, as it is written.

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