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Amy Barrett Woman Of Faith
Trump and Pence

1 Samuel 19: And Saul spoke to Jonathan, his son and to all his servants, that they should kill David. 2 But Jonathan Saul's son delighted much in David: and Jonathan told David, saying, Saul my father seeketh to kill thee: now therefore, I pray thee, take heed to thyself until the morning, and abide in a secret place, and hide thyself: 3 And I will go out and stand beside my father in the field where thou art, and I will commune with my father of thee, and what I see, that I will tell thee. 4 And Jonathan spake good of David unto Saul his father, and said unto him, Let not the king sin against his servant, against David, because he hath not sinned against thee, and because his works have been to thee-ward very good:

Importance Of Free Will
Can you show scripture we died a SPIRITUAL DEATH. According to 1 Corinthians 15:45-50 the first man Adam was earthly and not spiritual. The Last man Adam was is Spiritual. Also Job 32:8 the spirit of man.... Man is body soul and spirit. No scripture says the man's spirit died. It says our soul died. Ezekiel 18:4 , 28:20, Jesus came to redeem our SOUL, not our spirit. Now GODS SPIRIT WITHIN US is a whole new thing. But we know the soul actually never died right.

Importance Of Free Will
Ven, scripture does not teach we are set free from sin first so that one can believe. Justification is FIRST, and then we are set free from sin. And if you thoroughly read Roman 6's only After We receive newness of life by yielding out members that are made alive from the dead, that we are truly set free from the bondage of sin. If you read Romans 6 YIELD is stated over and over AFTER we are saved, where we become servants of righteousness. Romans 8:11-13 shows this truth as well. IF WE THROUGH THE SPIRIT DO MORTIFY the deeds of the flesh. So unless you claim to be completely sinless, you are still in bondage to sin even after you claim to be saved, and can't obey God according to your dictrine.

The Calvinist System
ven, no reformed believe Jesus was a man before His incarnation either.

Man means HUMAN, not a masculine gender spirit.

Mormons do however believe Jesus was a man before His incarnation, which is heresy. They too use the verse Jesus the same yesterday today and tomorrow.

Squawk all you want ven, but NO ONE HERE believes as you do....not even Calvinist's.

I'm not sure what or who you are...maybe a Russian troll causing trouble ....who knows. But you seem to have very strange beliefs. Not even Calvin Reformed beliefs.

But just deal with it ven, I'm EXACTLY what God wants me to be and say....and you can't handle it. We're all robots remember. So your accusing GOD ....hypocrite.

The Calvinist System
David, The new creature is in no way an old patch put on an old garment. Another verse says you don't put new wine in old wine skins. The old is done away David, not patched over with Gentiles.

God is making IN CHRIST "ONE NEW MAN." AND THIS NEW MAN Is not a Jew or Gentile, not even male or female, .... A totally NEW CREATION. And is not patched over with old or even new patches. We are not a remnant of the old either. We are something so NEW, that only those baptized into Jesus death, where we died with Christ, completely incinerates any old, POOF, GONE, and a NEW CREATURE IS RAISED UP TOGETHER WITH CHRIST. BY GRACE YOU HAVE BEEN SAVED. This is the Gospel of Grace. NO LONGER I BUT CHRIST IN ME.

Sparrows Sold For A Farthing
Such a snowflake Cluny. WHINE WHINE WHINE. It's just not a manly thing to do. You have the disposition of a jr high GIRL. Are you an effeminate ? That would make sense of your antics. I think it's a fair question.

Salvation In The Church
Ok Clunky, I proved you wrong. I posted the same verses first that Strongaxe did, he adding one in Romans saying the same thing as Galatians and Colossians. So why say I DARE YOU. You see, THIS kind of harassment from Cluny should stop. It serves no purpose here except proving he has issues. He can't read, doesn't understand posts and then makes false accusations...on every single blog...just to get some snarky remark in trying to start a food fight. I'm sure I'm not the only one getting sick of it. And I'm not the only one Cluny makes snarky comments to.

God Bless President Trump
Those who KNOW HOW the Lord works KNOW those who use their own hateful means to vindicate themselves God will not vindicate. They in yourself not in the Lord, wait not on God, but run ahead of God and look like a fool, assuring God will NEVER join Himself or sully Himself with that kind of faithless antics.

But like I said ...only TRUE CHRISTIANITY knows the difference.

If Trump is so bent on protecting himself by his own mafia thug like means....he not only NOT DOING THE WILL OF GOD, but can't even obey the simplest of Christian obedience. God wants NOTHING to do with such people. You might pray for God to protect Trump from himself, as he is his own worse enemy.....that you want to blame on others.

How To Calculate 666
Actually Cluny, there is no such thing as Arab Palestinians, that is a hoax starting with Arafat the first terrorist. If you look in scripture in Genesis, the Palistinians are actually Philistines, from the island of Crete who have always been enemies of Israel going way back. No scripture or history shows ant such thing as a Palistinian other than the ones from Crete, and are not Arabs, nor were they Christians. This is the hoax, and like many who don't know history or the scriptures will buy into that hoax. The Palistinians now in Israel are probably Arabs from one of the Arab nations that were rejected and pushed out by their own people.

Churches To Illegal Immigrants
Is Nicole deflecting here because hundreds of CATHOLIC CHURCHES are hiding illegal immigrants where the majority of these coming from CATHOLIC COUNTRIES are CATHOLIC.

This is the subject at hand in this thread.

Funny how many are concerned with a higher population of Islam, but don't see the same issue with being over run with illegal CATHOLICS.

How To Get Saved
David, also what does Romans 10:9-10 say how one is saved? And exactly what did Philip say to the Eunuch? The man who died next to Jesus said...."Lord remember me when you come Into your kingdom. " He also admitted he was a sinner worthy of death. He acknowledged Jesus as LORD, and believed those things he heard.

Seven Spiritual Works Of Mercy
Also why bother listing ANY VERSES Monk when you all obviously get your own answers and spin from a gaychristian website.

All your answers on this subject, as Cluny keeps spinning Romans 1 Jude, Leviticus etc come directly from the GayChristian web site. REAL CHRISTIAN sites like Got Questions etc where many pastors groups never spin those verses as you all do, and actually show HOW and WHO is spinning them.

I'm not interested in the GayChristian spin. So why are you? We see the results of your spin right in the news every day, and the horrible abomination that has taken place for the last 2000 years you all continued on from Rome before its fall.

Seven Spiritual Works Of Mercy
Cluny, Strongaxe sodomy is a sin period. Stop trying to spin the conversation. Jude, Leviticus, Romans, and Genesis are very clear on the subject. There is no such thing as friendly there it is. SODOMY IS AN ABOMINATION TO GOD. PERIOD.



So you can either stop your harassment , seeing I hit a nerve, or this is going to be your forever reply from me, letting everyone know exactly why you are stalking me in the first place. You decide.

Church Bells Ringing
Cluny, sodomy even friendly sodomy is an abomination to God.....

Deal with it...ok

Yoke Of Bondage
Cluny, sodomy, even friendly sodomy is an abomination to God. Admit it, deal with it, and let's move on.

Attacking me in every thread because I hit a nerve needs to end...

Church Bells Ringing
I admit I did know either until I looked it up. Cluny

I find the sentence above by our own self stated stable genius does not know how to grammatically frame a coherent sentence.

Faith Without Works Dead
Also we see in that verse JS1234 that HIS PEOPLE aka The Jews for the most part rejected Jesus, and we see the Pharisees laugh about that. Then they crucified Him. THEN we see in Acts where again for the most part Israel HIS PEOPLE still rejected Jesus , so then God turns to the Gentiles.

There is actually a parable in the Gospels about that...I think it was about a feast or wedding, where the original invites didn't come, and then they went out into the streets and invited ANYONE who wanted to come. Called FREE WILL. JESUS didn't FORCE salvation on HIS PEOPLE or force a wedding on them.

Yoke Of Bondage
We also see in Galatians that these folks were already saved. So they weren't RESAVED when Paul said he would stay and form Christ in them AGAIN...we see in Galatians HAVING BEGUN IN TNE SPIRIT, are you Now being made perfect in the have fallen from Grace. Paul is not talking about initial salvation, but proceeding on by faith from where they BEGAN. They BEGAN by justification.

The LIFE that I NOW LIVE I live by the Faith of Christ.. Galatians about our sanctification. We don't stop living by faith after we are saved. NOR do we go back under the Law after we are saved.

Works Of The Law
David has us running in circles with two different subject matters he jumps back and forth.
1) bondage to sin vs being set free from sin
2) justification by faith vs justification by the law. I'm trying to see how he is marrying these two ideas together, but 1, .Justification is having our sin forgiven, 2, sanctification is being set free from sin.Scripture shows in Acts...sanctification is by faith.

No scripture teaches if we do enough works ( who knows how much is enough???) 1) you will eventually be forgiven ...OR 2) if you do enough works of the law you will eventually be set free from the power of sin. It's just not there. Not even the Law of Moses taught such things. The law was added so sin would ABOUND...ROMANS 5.

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