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Spank About 15 Times
I believe you can find a better to guide the development of your child, and I encourage you to do so.

An additional incentive: spanking can lead to problematic sexual maladjustment, although it does not always do so.

Whom would Jesus spank?

Are Ghosts Real
Ghosts and other similar beings are real.

Ghosts are those beings that went from being human with a body to what they are now.

Other entities may never have been human with a body. Some of them may be good, and some may not be.

They seem to one or species and, like any other species, some can be very good to interact with and others you want to watch out for.

Burn In Hell For Eternity
Such a fate for anyone is contrary to the nature of Jesus as very clearly expressed in his words and actions in many places throughout the gospels.

His compassion will not end, and he will not stop reaching out to anyone.

Love endures and is stronger than any need or desire for vengeance, etc. He will, however, protect others from people with destructive spirits.

Love your enemies, do not torture them in a Lake of Fire forever.

That seems to me to capture the spirit of Christ...

Faith Differs From Works
If faith is an assertion that a statement is true whether one knows it is true or not, that faith is, at best, worthless.

Such faith can even be quite detrimental to spiritual growth, as it may prevent someone from seeking to find the truth about a given matter, as they may claim falsely that they already have the truth.

Actions motivated by love, however, may result in beneficial outcomes for the one engaging in the love and those towards whom the love is directed.

One would do well to emphasize and further manifest dynamic love.

Replacement Theology Satanic
No, I do not believe that is so.

All humans are God's people, and all living things are part of his family.

Only when someone attempts to undercut a dynamic love for all living things is there an attempt to change the focus from where it may most beneficially be placed.

How often do you estimate that demonic entities regularly communicate directly, overtly or covertly, with theological and other writers?

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