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Was Adam A Passive Husband
Adam was present Gen.3 says he was with her. Rom. 5:12 talks about the sin of Adam. There is no mention of Eve. Adam was given authority (Gen. 1:26) and he could have cast the devil out of the garden. Adam not only tried to blame Eve,he blamed God, he said it was that woman that you gave me. .Gen.3:12 Eve was not even created when God gave the command (not to eat of the tree).Gen.2:17 Adam was in charge it was his responsablity to pass it on.

Must Be Baptized As Adult
Acts 19:3 and he said to them, into what then were you baptized? So they said into John's baptism. 4 Then Paul said John indeed baptized with a baptism of repentence, saying to the people they should believe on Him who would come after him, that is , on Christ Jesus. 5 when they heard this, they were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus. Looks to me they were baptized twice and after the second the Holy Spirit came upon them. They were not I repeat not condemed.

Late Rapture Without No Food
The Rapture is not a coming at all, Jesus does not come to earth! It is a going we the church are caughtup to meet the Lord in the air. Jesus does not come to earth at that time!

Spank About 15 Times
no more than five swats is sufficiant. you should use a paddle or belt to spank. your hand should only be used for love, nurture, comfort, ect. with the spanking there needs to be communication. explaining in love what the infraction was and a time of prayer and repentence. after a brief period of time for the child to think there needs to be a time of re-connection with the parent. love on them and act as nothing ever happened. God says when we confess our sin he fogives us and does not remember our sin.

Lord's Name In Vain
The Lords name is full of power and we as believers in him have been given the power of attorney to use that name. The word vain is translated from the word shav' meaning desolating, evil, uselessness. Do not use the Lords name in a desolating, evil or useless manner. His name is Holy and is to be respected and held in high regard.

What Is The Age Of The Earth
Isa.45 Tells us that the earth was not created formless, it was created to be inhabited.

Why Allowed Into Heaven
I plead the Blood of the Lamb of God!

What Is The Age Of The Earth
Gen. 1:1God created the earth. Isa.45:18 God did not create the earth (in vain)tohuw. Gen.1:2 The earth (became)hayah(without form)tohuw. None of us know how much time there is between Gen.1:1 and Gen.1:2 the question is what made the earth become without form and void? It had to be the fall of satan. By satan has already fallen and in the garden.

Questions About Revelations
2Th.2:3-8 The son of perdition can not be revealed until that which withholds him be taken out of the way. Scripture says the son of perdition (the evil one) will be revealed not taken out of the way. The greek for letteth and let v.7 is the same word meaning to hold down,keep,retain, withhold. It is the church (the body of Christ) opperating in the authority given to us by God and our Lord and Savior Jesus,that withholds the son of perdition. keeping him from being revealed. Rev.17:9,18 seven heads are mountains on which the woman (great city) sits

Questions About Revelations
Satan has been placed under the feet of the believer. Eph.1:22,23 Antichrist gets his authority (crown) from satan. Rev.13:2 Satan recieved this authority (crown) from Adam. Satan goes about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. 1 Peter 5:8 He can not devour whoever he pleases. The antichrist can not be revealed until the church be taken away (rapture). 2Th.2:3-8 Falling away in v.3 should be translated catching or snatching away.

Questions About Revelations
The rider in Rev.6 on a white horse is antichrist. He has no arrows because Jesus already defeated him but he goes out to decieve. he wants people to believe he is armed and a true threat. But Jesus rendered him harmless.

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