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Is It Deeds Or Works
Deeds and works are one and the same thing, We are saved not by works but by his grace. By our deeds we will be known for it is from the fruit of the heart that our deeds emanate.

Harm To The Body Of Christ
I understand we are to rebuke when other are in error, but today everyone seems to be rebuking because everyone thinks they are right in their own minds. A non-believer is not going to know truth from falsehood, so all they see is chaos in the Body of Christ.

Harm To The Body Of Christ
Elder, are the differences then between the denominations considered false teachings?

Harm To The Body Of Christ
Pharisee, so are you saying that arguing Christians do not provide a bad witness to non believers? Thus making the non believer not want to join the Body of Christ.

12 Minor Prophets
so they are "minor" prophets only because their books are small. That's not fair. I'm sure a few of those guy said some cool stuff, but no one is reading them because they have been down graded to minor prophet.

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