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Really Know Who God Is
"You lie about my Gesenius' comment. I said that as a Jew he wouldn't accept meanings of words or verses that Christians view as pointing to Jesus." Marc

When and where did you say this? If you can't provide the post with the date we would have to ask...who's lying?

Take your time.

Explain The Triune Of God
"381 before the third person of the trinity was included. Wrong." Cluny

No...that's exactly right.

Saying that "we believe in the Holy Spirit" says nothing about it's relationship to the Father or Son or equality or personification. No mention of it being one person of a triune God.

What Christian (whether you agree with the Trinitarian doctrine or not) doesn't "believe in the Holy Spirit"? I certainly do. As a matter of fact, I don't know a Christian who does not believe in the Holy Spirit.

It was not until 381 when that sort of language was first introduced.

285 years after the last inspired book of the bible was written.

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