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Trinity Or Oneness Theology
Scripture was written so that it could be understood by common people... it is simple to understand if we don't try pigon hole it in into a hodge-podge of theologies.
I'm not a one-ness nor a three-ness, I'm just a simple witness

Scripture tells us that The Father is Spirit and those who would worship Him will do it in spirit AND truth...
Jesus, Immanual, "God with US", God's only begotten, was concieved by the holy spirit. This is the same spirit that leads us into all wisdom and truth... it is the power that filled Jesus at His baptism as evidenced by the Dove resting upon him... Jesus is a physical being.. a vessel that contained both the spirit and power of God... in all of HIS fullness.

Rapture Theory Biblical
The Old Testament book Exodus is a parallel of the book of Revelations.
The children of Israel were not removed when God poured the plagues out on Egypt, God protected them through each worsening pleague.
When the final plague was poured out on Egypt God had the Children of Israel place the blood on the door posts ansd with a hysop branch... symbolic of the tree that Jesus shed His blood on to be applied to our hearts.
The plagues of Revelation parellel the plagues of Egypt, God id not remove them until after the Tribulations poured out upon Egypt... you will also notice that only poured out His wrath on the Egyptians...

Did Jesus Drink Alcohol
While it is lawful to drink wine, it could be a stumbling block for others. In this case were are to refrain from doing what is lawful, and do that which is beneficial.
If I am having dinner with a brother or sister in the Lord, and I chose to have a glass of wine with dinner, it is not sin and is lawful for me to do so.
If however my brother or sister have a weakness for alcohol and my drinking that glass of wine causes them to stumble and fall into sin it is counted against me.
Matthew 18:6 but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin,[1] it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.

Did Jesus Drink Alcohol
Fresh pressed juice is called New wine because it has just begun the fermentation process. Which is why they were instructed to use new wine skins for it. Gases are created during the fermentation process that would cause the skin to expand and stretch. New wine put into an old skin could cause the skin to burst.
Like the rest of the ancient world, fermented wine was added to vessels of water before serving. The alcohol in the wine would purify the water by killing the germs.
The mix ratio depended on the maker, but usually it would be about 1 gal of wine to 20 gallons of water.
Wine could also be served straight, and averaged about 20% alcohol content,
(which is about what you get when you make it yourself from fresh grapes)

Good Friday Really Wednesday
The last supper that Jesus spent was not the passover meal, it was a feast of prepartion.
The Seder (Passover meal) required that a lamb, without blemish, be slaugtered as a remeberence of God's protection when His wrath was poured out on Egypt.
Jesus was found "without fault" 3 times.
In order that Jesus fullfil the Law and the prophets, and be the Sacrifice, once and all, he was brought to slaugter the same day that the lamb was slaugtered by the priests at the temple.
Were this not true, then He could not have fulfilled the law and become the one Sacrifice for all Sin...
When we apply the blood of THE Sacricfial Lamb to the door way of our hearts, the judgement (death) that shall fall on the unsaved will passover us.

Wearing Pants To Church
Allan the Reenactor and Allan2777 are one in the same...
Someone asked who I was, so I started using C-net log in like others were doing so you could check out my profile and know who I am...
I'm a 4th generation Irish American, and am proud of my Celtic heritage.
My paternal Great-Grand father married an Native American woman(Cherokee. My maternal Grand Father married a Irish/German/Iroquois woman with family roots in Dublin.
My Paternal Great-Grand father came to America from County Wicklow Ireland during the famine of the 1800's.
I have been a church musician /worship leader for the past 14 years, and am now the Worship Ministry Leader at a fledgling new church. (just barely 2 years old).

Wearing Pants To Church
Just figured I'd toss this out there.
Oh my...
It seems that hoes and garters were originally male articles of clothing too.

Trews (Gaelic Truis or older Truibhs) are men's clothing for the legs and lower abdomen, a traditional form of Scottish apparel. Trews may be the origin of the word trousers.[citation needed]
They shared the fate of other items of Highland dress, including proscription under the Dress Act of 1746 that banned Highlanders from wearing the truis ("Trowse").
Traditional trews are actually long hose. These hose came all the way up to the waist and were attached to a linen cloth. They were fastened at the lower leg, below the knee, by a garter.

Is Mystery Babylon America
Well said, Samuel
In order to be a proficient warrior, one has to know his enemy.
Our enemy, the evil one, seeks to kill, steal and destroy our souls. He appears to be an angel of light, to fool even the elect if it were possible.
Recognizing the enemy is half of the battle.
The battle ground is our hearts and minds...for the heart is wicked above all the things.

Satan is not called the god of the world for nothing.
What did he offer to Jesus during the 40 days of temptation in the wilderness?
He offered him all of the nations of the earth, if Jesus would bow down to him.
For we battle not against flesh and blood, but against principlaities and powers in high places...To the victor go the spoils.

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