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Husband Never Buys Me Gifts
have taken to Hawaii,Caribbean,Canada, Mexico and every year we take off on our anniversary 4 day weekend. gift each day of the month for our anniversary. She drives 2012 Surburban, 2 seater sports car, 1 , 2 , 3 carat diamond rings.< children own their own homes,college educations and I have bought all them new cars.I never spend less than a $1000.00 dollars on her birthday, anniversay, christmas, mothers day. She has 6 dooney and burke purses and a swimming pool in the back yard.
Guess what, yep, she ignores me.

My Mom Just Passed Away
To all who have lost their Mother,as we approach Mother's Day!Celebrate her life. Remember the good times, remember the laughter, remember the smiles, remember the smell of her favorite perfume, remember the life lessons that she taught you, remember the stories she told of when you were a child.Stop dwelling on the negative and the healing will come.Both of my parents died in my arms. I do not allow myself to dwell on what coulda, shoulda been! I think of how the Lord did not allow them to suffer and how wonderful to know, they are in their glorified bodies walking and talking, hand in hand with the God who created them in the first place. Grieve, cry---then let it go!!! Be encouraged.

Son Forgets His Homework
Remember that the education of a child is a team effort. My question is that if this is a problem in regards to bringing home items from school- what is the teacher doing to assure that homework is not forgotten? If they know this is a weakness for the child what are they doing at school to help build the skill.

Is Global Warming Bad
R. A., I know your kidding about Al Gore inventing the internet. Al Gore claims this, but of course he's been proven wrong. That's a good one. You made me laugh!

Can You Explain My Dream
Im not a christian, so dont give me that holy "God has a meaning" crap. But i need to find true meaning of a dream i had. I was walking down a street and no buildings had any doors or windows and every person around me was faceless. Its was like a dark shadow over the face. Can somebody please explain this to me? Its been killing me. If you can, please do so. Thanks. P.S. I didnt mean to be rude about that "God" thing, i just need an answer, not to be preached to. Thanks.

Mormon Witness The Most
A list of other Mormon companies to shun. These companies are Mormon oned per se but lead by mormons.

Black & Decker
Sky West
La Quinta
American Express
Hunstsman Chemical
Nu Skin
Jet Blue
Bain Capital

Remeber to boycott these companies becasue the only way to Jesus is through hatred and fear.

Is Morris Cerullo A Man Of God
Yes.....Dr. Cerullo is a man of God. I have traveled and worked with this Prophet since the age of 17 years old. I have personaly sat with him and his wife. I do security for the ministry and believe me in private Dr. Cerullo is the same as he is on his platform in the World Conferences and Labor Day Patners Siminars. I have been part of His ministry since 9 years old and worked Security since the age 17 years old and Now I am 29 years old and still faithfully believe in "Dr. Morris Cerullo".

Who is Morris Cerullo?
Dr. Cerullo is a man of God.....I have known him and his wife since the age of 17 y.o he took me all over the world. I am a african american, and see first hand how God is working through Dr. Cerullo

Does Suicide Send You To Hell
Suicide is one sin out of many. Just as forgivable as lying. I pray nobody considers it a quick route to heaven, God has lots of work for us still! However, Just because the last thing we do on earth is sin, does not mean it isn't redeemed. Christ's blood covers the sin of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

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