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Husband Is Controlling
I have been married for 20 years.I love him very much but he is very controlling! I about 10 years ago got some credit cards(secretly) because he has ALWAYS controlled our finances. If i wanted something I had to go and ask him like he was my daddy!I did have a job and paid my own bills. I eventually had to ask him for help and come clean about the Credit Cards.So since then he thinks I could never be responsible again! But now I recently have started helping him with our business.I am working from home so now I personally have no money coming in.I have to ask for gas money, food money, clothes money, at which I get a speech for EVERY TIME! I feel like I am the only one living this way! It is really making me withdraw from him! What to do?

Can You Commit Spiritual Adultery
John 3:16 For God so greatly loved and dearly prized the world that He [even] gave up His only begotten ([a]unique) Son, so that whoever believes in (trusts in, clings to, relies on) Him shall not perish (come to destruction, be lost) but have eternal (everlasting) life. God is a loving and merciful God. But NOBODY enters the gates of Heaven because they are a good person. You enter based on your trust, belief and acceptance by grace of God's son Jesus. Any other reason is a FALSE doctrine. It is not based on religion but an intimate personal relationship with God. Please be very careful with believing things that are not based on His word. The difference is life and death.

Who Is The Real Messiah
Oh and the part about law I think is misread too often. I don't believe they are speaking of governmental law. god says give to Caesar what is Caesars. I could be wrong but what I've gotten out of the new testament is that in the old testament they lived by the law of Moses as a sign of their faith, once Jesus came they were to drop the doctrine of the law and to live by the gospel of Jesus. We are to still follow those laws. But the laws are no longer the doctrine. The doctrine is Jesus and the fact that he came and died for us. The law can not save you....JESUS can!!!

Can My Husband Be Saved Again
I've been reading the bible lately trying to come bk to God myself. From what I've read just recently is that if your brother sins against you 7 times in one day you are to forgive him seven times in a day. I just don't see God expecting more out of us then he is capable of delivering. The reason I searched this ? is because I just got to the same part and thought I was going to have a heart attack when I read that. I just don't believe that we are eternally damned if we backslide. God knows we are human and he forgives.

Church Does Not Need Tithe
Well your giving it to God not to man so whatever God puts on your heart to do with your money you do it.

Continue To Spank My Teenager
What???? They are still children at ten. God says "Spare the rod and spoil the child." I think that's your answer. However you want to interpret that.

Who Is The Real Messiah
Well the proof is in the bible. Not only the words written in the old testament to tell us what was coming for the new testament (That DID come to pass!) but also as far as the time line in which it was written. Let's not forget about the fact that the bible was written by a number of diff ppl on 4 different continents. I think that's a good bit of proof in itself. You'll have to study it. If it's wrong it's wrong and you can move on. But when you discover it's not you'll be so happy you did.

My Boyfriend Died
Hi, I was just reading this and thought maybe someone could help? I lost my boyfriend on the 16th February 2009 (This year) and i am so upset! Im only 16 he was 19 but i knew that him and I were meant to be together! I just knew. I don't know what to do, i can't even look at pictures of him it breaks my heart and the only thing i can remember was seeing him in hospital and at the chapel of rest, How does this get easier? Please help me?

How To Have An Affair
I will pray that you find the strength to listen to God and His one has the right to judge you..for they are not in your shoes...fellow Christians lets not pass judgement..lets see your life on video...the word teaches us to guard your heart..please do

I Never Loved My Husband
Been married for 3 yrs. Got married when I was 23 to a guy I dated for only 4 mos (before getting engaged). Thought since he loved me & wanted to get married, I should get married. He pressured me into getting married, I was in a fragile state after just getting out of a 3 yr relationship, and the rest is history. Feel SO GUILTY for hurting him & for wanting/getting a divorce. Am a Christian and was raised with very strict religious beliefs, so of my it has been a huge struggle.

My Wife Is Verbally Abusive
Any form of abuse is inexcuseable, however, I Cor, chap 13 talk about love. "Do You Love Her?" Anger is a sign of deeper issue. Are you willing to seek help WITH her, identify it and deal with it?" Again my question is "Do You Love Her?"

Spanking 15 Year Old Acceptable
I agree nothing wrong with it. In fact it is very effective.

Spanking 15 Year Old Acceptable
Also, I just want to emphasize that this concern about fathers spanking their daughters doesn't make sense. I think it would be very unusual for men, especially those with a healthy family life, to see something sexual in seeing their children naked, at 5 or 15. It's her father.

This PC business has gone too far.

Spanking 15 Year Old Acceptable
There is nothing immoral about spanking. I was spanked as a childand my husband and I spank our kids. Although I haven't spanked my 14 year old in about 6 months, there is wrong with it. I think that my kids are well behaved because of my discipline. It is not inappropriate for our husbands to spank our daughters. C'mon!? It's true that it is more embarrassing when she is older and she has to pull her pants down in front of her father but isn't the embarrassment part of the punishment.

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