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Husband And I Having Affairs
I'am so sorry to have read this what ever you may call it. Both of you are way out of God's Reach. Not just your husband but you to need to get on your KNEES. I'm going to ask you a QUESTION? How could two people that suppose to love one another sleep or even look at anothe man in bed?? Silva

Need Help For Bipolar Daughter
Mom when two people first meet I can see where you wouldn't discuss to the other about your bipolar. sign of falling in love he should have been told (HONESTY) I don't know if he has even been told if he hasn't then I would tell him ASAP. I work in the medical field all I can advice two people that are married GOD is on top Husband is on the right corner and Wife is on the left.This is what builds a beautiful foundation in a marriage. As long as God is in there life's Everything will be o.k.

I Love My Fiance So Much
TWINKLE.. First of all you sound very young and if this is the case then you need to grow up alittle bit and realize that your fiance loves the lord with all his heart! There is nothing wrong with this.Do you see something wrong with that out side of him not spending time with you? Is it so wrong for you to spend quality time at his Church Functions.It sounds that you want something more then time! All I will say to you twinkle that pray for God to direct you with your fiance to the church functions..

My Son Just Doesn't Like Me
Gina, I don't know what kind of a relationship you both have as a mother and son. I suggest that you need to find what went wrong in your relationship for him to behave like this toward his mother! A son just doesn't like his mother for no reason Ask God to help you with this. Only you, your son , and our father knows what has happened with the mother and son relationship.Pray to our father to touch your son's heart,and to give you answers.I feel so horrible for you. And I can't imagine my son and I not having a loving mother and son relationship.Silva 8589

Are We Living In Sin Together
When i was in my twenty's yes I lived with a man, and if I knew back than what I know today I would have not done that.I knew that is was a sin, but you really don't realize how HORRIBLE of a sin it is until you get into your fortys and learning so much about the word of God..Eddie just be patient.It will happen..Silva8589

What Am I Doing Wrong In Dating
Hi Eddie, I don't believe that you are doing something wrong on this sites. You are only 33 years of age and have so much to look forward in life. When it's time for you to be BLESS from our father you will be. When our father knows the time for you to meet the person that he wants you to spend your whole life with then Patient(awaiting)is what you have to have..He can see into the future clearly just as we can see in our past.God will bless you in time.Ask our father to bless you, but never ask him why he hasn't...Silva 8589

My Wife Hits Me And Wants Others
This is to Shira 5965..Why would you feel that is the right thing to do is to give that wife a taste of her medicine! Two wrongs is not going to make the issue any better then her.I would have to say that YOU (Shira)should do some follow up on how to prevent domastic violence... Silva

My Husband Tells Me I Am Wrong
Mentally abused is worth then physical abused. It has taken me two years to beable to get my self esteem back.I asked the dear lord Jesus if he did'nt want me in this relationship with this man to give me the strenght and the guidance to walk away. He did on January 21st 2003. Today I can look in the mirror and see a beautiful person. Today that man has not change still the same and the lady that he is with now she is going through the same thing.God is Awesome he was with me step by step. And god has bless me with so many blessings already. You deserve much better then what you got..Silva

Having An Affair I Can't Stop
This man has done this with the girl before you .. Today he is still alive..Most likely it could be you that don't want to walk away..

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