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When Does A Boy Become A Man
i really like reading these but my statement is if you comment these things you should give bible verse to back up your opinion~

Husband Never Gives Me Gifts
I have received No gifts for 13 years of marriage! He keeps promising that he wants to give me these expensive gifts which I do not necessarily want, yet never kept his words regarding those "future gifts". I don't want expensive gifts, just something: a t-shirt, a purse, a 15 minute massage gift certificate, a pen... Very upsetting to me!! I can't understand it! So you are not alone.

I Have A Crush On My Pastor
People crush out on pastors sometimes, perceiving them to be "holy." Besides all the straight-up Biblical warnings you got, consider a few more things. Pastors, in their own personal & family lives, are not necessarily more "holy." In their marriages, they have to work through things like any married couples do---maybe he's got a sarcastic streak or is impatient with his family or is a workaholic or any of a number of things. And, do you find yourself thinking, in regards to his wife, "I'd treat him ever so much better than SHE does." ??? Then you've got another layer of issues beyond the desire. No, you won't go to hell for this. But you do need to get yourself out of the situation.

Signs And Wonders For Today
i can i find out what spiritual gift i have

Born-Again Single Women Exist
Yes, Iknow that there are some real born -again christian sigle women.I am one and I'm growing stronger and stronger in the Lord every day.

Visitors Think Of These Blogs
It seems there are a few people who instead of addressing the "issue or blog" to the person who sent it, it is more about them "battling" it out with each other and seeing who is right and wrong. Some of us have true concerns and aren't into the arguments. I watched for the first few responses and then didn't even check for a week because I knew it would just be arugments back and forth with people.

Who is David Jeremiah
hes a liar. its called a facade.

My Virgin Left Me
Forgive her and accept her again. Pray for your relationships and avoid temptations. specially in times that you're all alone. always pray for there's a power in prayer. Do it and you'll see that God moves in His loving way for the two of you.

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