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Religious Teachers In 2021

Isa 8:20 To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.

Failure Of Democrat Regime
ax & kat:

I see that you still get your information from the Communist News Network (CNN). All the "facts" you espouse are proven lies. Trump was right - it's FAKE NEWS.

BTW, ax, as you were told before, Fascism is socialist, i.e., left wing, and not right wing as you inaccurately stated.

You are both living proof that it is impossible to be both Christian and Democrat.

Failure Of Democrat Regime

axster & katty: I realize that you would prefer being called "progressive", "democratic socialist", "woke" or some such nonsense, but the truth is, whether you realize it or not, you are Communist useful idiots who push Marxist ideals at the detriment of your fellow citizens. We The People have had enough. You have been outed, and we will never give in to your totalitarian doctrines.

Just this morning I read that the Jessie Jackson mob marched in Chicago to protest the just Kyle R. acquittal while stating that "America needs a COMMUNIST REVOLUTION". I'm sure you agree.

BTW, our 1st Amendment doesn't define an age limit for gun ownership.

Failure Of Democrat Regime

Katty: You're really out in the weeds now. Like the axster, you keep addressing others like GWB and Gen. Flynn rather than the brain-dead fool that runs this country. It is you Communists that are the anti-American bullies - not us right wing patriots. Who was the bully? Kyle R. or the Communist thugs beating him?

axster: Communists are not liberal. A liberal gives from his own - he doesn't take it from someone who is unwilling. You are no liberal in the Biblical sense.

Failure Of Democrat Regime

Kat: GWB voted for Biden. He's an idiot.

"Jerry, Trav dont [sic] understanding a democracy is not a theocracy."

And YOU don't understand that America is NOT a Democracy. It is a Constitutional Representative Republic. Strict Democracy is Mob Rule, as has been demonstrated by you Democrat Communists for the past several years.

Failure Of Democrat Regime

ax: OK, I tried to give you an out by saying that you are ignorant of our country, but you refused it. So.... that only leaves the possibility that you are a brainwashed Communist pawn - a useful idiot.

All of the election totals you espouse are fraudulent, as is becoming more evident as time progresses. Do you really believe that Brandon was/is a more popular candidate than Trump? Maybe among dead people, but not in reality. You really must stop watching FAKE NEWS as they are filling your head with Communist propaganda.

I once respected you as an intelligent, albeit misguided, Christian. No more.

It is not possible for a Christian to also be a Democrat/Communist.

Failure Of Democrat Regime

ax: "I'm America's guest, NOT yours"

As a foreigner, I understand how you can be ignorant of our country. Your country owes allegiance to the British Queen. America is "owned" by We the People - of which I am a legitimate part. You are NOT!

I think your mentor Marx had you pegged as a useful idiot, since you think you are better off with Biden's:

Acute mental focus,
Tanking economy,
Price of energy,
Afghanistan victory-NOT,
Supply chain efficiency,
Southern Border invasion,
Suspension of Constitutional rights,
Use of the Fed. gov. to target political enemies,
and Increased abortion and sexual perversion.

(Thanks Trav for the summation.)

Why Does God Punish Us

ax: "I am neither BLM, Antifa, Chinese, nor communist."

OK, you're not Chinese. But you are indeed a Communist, even though you refuse to believe it. There's one simple test: If you love Biden and hate Trump, you ARE a Communist!

Let's Go Brandon!

Failure Of Democrat Regime

Tim: No, the axster is not Chinese, he is Canadian (and a typically poor house guest at that).

ax: When I call out the FAILURES of Biden, you deflect to Trump. Now you deflect to Bush II. I didn't like him either, as he was but a RINO. He even voted for Biden (What an imbecile!).

Reagan famously asked voters when running against Carter: "Are you better off now than you were 4 years ago?" So I ask YOU now: Are you honestly better off now than you were 11 months ago? This question is about YOU - not a former president, so please don't deflect.

Failure Of Democrat Regime

ax: The absolute inaccuracy of your Trump data notwithstanding, the blog subject is the current administration, not the former one.

Why don't you explain for us what you love about Biden and his administration? Is it his acute mental focus? The tanking economy? The price of energy? His Afghanistan victory? The supply chain efficiency? The Southern Border invasion? The suspension of Constitutional rights? The use of the Fed. gov. to target political enemies? Increased abortion and sexual perversion?

Is America Becoming Communist

How can any thinking adult believe that America is better off now under the control of a demented child sniffer than when our economy was at its peak under Trump. We had no inflation (now it's 6.2%). Our borders were defended (now they are open to Dem-sponsored terrorists). Our store shelves were full (now they're not). Energy costs are skyrocketing. We had law and order, respect for our troops and police, etc. No more. We were respected internationally . Now we're a laughingstock under sleepy Joe.

Let's go Brandon!

Is America Becoming Communist

kat: "And let's call Florida what it is ... The most corrupt state in the union.

Let's call liars liars."

OK, you're a liar.

I live in Florida, and it is NOT corrupt. Do you? I would call the blue states the most corrupt - the most lawless.

How can you, as a Christian, support and defend such a regime that refuses to defend us against foreign invasion, aids our enemies, abandons our citizens, promotes sexual perversion and abortion, prevents us from attending church, forces the invasion of our body temples with unclean vaccine products, and restricts our free speech and Constitutionally guaranteed rights to a speedy trial, etc.?

Is America Becoming Communist

I have lived a long time, and until recently have never seen a time when Americans turned in their neighbors for violating unconstitutional gov mandates, acquiesced to being imprisoned in their own homes, accepted gov restriction from church/school attendance, allowed violation of their bodies with dangerous drugs, allowed our gov to imprison law-abiding citizens for many months in squalid conditions without charge, benefit of counsel or medical treatment. Worse yet, we have seen the FBI used to intimidate mothers from defending their children in school board meetings. This is what one would expect in a Communist banana republic - not the USA.

Thank God I live in FREE Florida!

Is America Becoming Communist

nurse bobby: Other than name calling, what do you commies have?

ax: "You need to look up the legal definition of "treason"."

I think it includes something about giving aid and comfort to your enemies in time of war. I think that is a pretty good description of Branden's exit from the war in Afghanistan - turning tail and running, leaving your fellow Americans and your allies behind to face torture and slaughter, and giving your enemies over $80B in high tech weaponry to use against your country and to send to China for reverse engineering.

Is America Becoming Communist

ax: "Branden is that tired cliche rightists have invented to trigger the left. It isn't working."

You just proved yourself wrong!

"G. Washington mandated smallpox vaccines."

What? Have you lost your mind? Washington died from too much blood letting - the "science" of his day.

The COVID-19 "pandemic" was invented as a bioweapon by the CCP with funding from Obama/Fauchi and used as a pretext for stealing the 2020 election. I know that your demigods on CNN say it was from eating bats, but they have been proven wrong.

Speaking of lying, who was it that said Trump was colluding with the Russians, etc. It was the Dems who themselves created the incident.

Is America Becoming Communist

axster: "totalitarian regimes ruthlessly quash all dissent"

Do you listen to your own words? Have you noticed how we conservatives are quashed in the mainstream media and on social media under the Branden regime? Have you noticed the totalitarian imposition of mandates for a sometimes lethal vaccine on the unwilling - even to the point of inability to earn an income? I don't think you have. You Marxists never consult real news organizations.

I thought you were against abortion, but Obiden forces experimental vaccine on little children with aborted fetal tissue in it. Dr. Fauchi IS Dr. Mengele.

Importance Of Free Will

God gave us free will.

Our (USA) Federal Government has taken away our free will to worship, travel, assemble, etc. by the imposition of draconian COVID-19 mandates upon those of us who do not want the unclean & deadly vaccines in our body temples.

It would appear that our enemies (foreign & domestic) have brought the beginnings of the time of trouble upon us.

God help us.

Do You Miss Trump

ax: "Biden just completed the Afghanistan withdrawal TRUMP HIMSELF NEGOTIATED last year"


Biden did not follow Trump's plan. If he did, he would not have left Americans and $85B in weaponry behind. Only a TRAITOR like Biden would do something like that.

The Taliban were afraid of Trump, but they think Biden is a Joke. So does the international community. We have lost the respect of our friends as well as our enemies because of Biden's surrender. Worse yet, the Taliban has given all that hi-tech equipment to the Chinese to reverse engineer and use against us.

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