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Story Of The Virgin Mary
For all of you rcc's, it doesnt matter the translation, for even the Latin Vulgate says Mary had sexual relations after the birth Of Yeshua. So dont try it, just because you wish to believe a lie. Well believe a lie, its your choice, but you can answer for it when you meet the Almighty.
---wayne on 4/26/09

No, you can give me the answer now.
You won't because you know it isn't in the Latin Vulgate.

Just like your other Passages you gave, I poke holes in the soft spots.

Give proofs, not your opinions.

Story Of The Virgin Mary
Andy, RCC a wild vine? How many Protestants Churches have broken off from each other. The old ones are dying.

Churches now are called 'The river of life' or 'New Convenant'. They are not building new Churches and calling it Baptist or Assembly of God. They are leaving the traditional names of Protestant's names.
Now many don't even want to put a name to their gathering Church and called the Non-denominational which are listed in the Phone books as such title.

The RCC hasn't changed and growing leaps and bounds as Jesus promised. Close to 2 billion now. 2000 years. Matthew 16:13-19

That should tell you something.
Yours keeps changing again and again.

History proves Jesus' Words are True, Faithful and Everlasting.

Story Of The Virgin Mary
Wayne, Joseph was going to put her away not marrying her.
The angel told him to marry. If they were having relations, Joseph would have assumed the child was his.

U keep bringing up Douey Rhiems Bible. The RCC doesn't take the Douey Rhiems' Translation as official. They found many mistakes and don't recommend it. Many believe it is a common Bible for the both of us.
American Bible: Matthew 1:25 He had no relations with her until she bore a son,

Matthew concern is to emphasize Joesph isn't Jesus natural father.
The Greek word translated "until" does not imply normal marital conduct after Jesus' birth, nor does it exclude it.
But, the other people the Bible makes sure U know of the relations producing a child.

I Love A Catholic Guy
Alan8566UK, Yes and No. An adult has to both believe and be Baptized to be Saved. Infants only has to be Baptized.

So, the Character Mark of Baptism is on His soul as Katavasia said. Baptism is one of the 7 Sacraments.
A Sacrament is depended on God's power not man's actions or words.

Now free will can rejected the Graces given to him from the Baptismal mark. But he can not deny the fact that the Grace is given.

If an Atheist pretends to believe in God to marry someone, but reveals later he doesn't. His nonbeliefs doesn't make God nonexistence.

So the Graces of Salvation was given if given as instructed by Jesus. Trinity and water is used.

You can't reject what isn't given. You reject what is given to you.

Does Purgatory Exist
I grew up in the Catholic Religion..Purgatory was invented as a way of income for the monks.--Barb

What Monks did you live by that you paid money for your own prayers for the souls in Purgators?
Name the Community?
I am going to REPORT THEM! Don't cover up for them.

You might grown up with being known as Catholic. But, you did not practice your faith as a Catholic.
I can tell by your own post.

Why do fall away Catholics think their words are on higher merits because they use to practice some of their faith?
A Catholic who knows their faith would never leave.
All fallen away Catholics are Catholics who didn't know their own faith.
If you did you wouldn't make such odd claims as some do on this websites.

Story Of The Virgin Mary
Wayne your translation is wrong. I never seen any translation used the words sexual relation with Joseph.
Just because I find a translation that states Joseph NEVER had relations with Mary I would not trust that translation as well.

The actual translation always used the word 'before'.

No wonder you think you are right. You have a Bible to fit your Christian beliefs.
I bet it also has seeds instead of seed in Genesis 3:15 trying to say Mary had more than one child.

Jesus proves in John 19:26-27 He didn't have siblings. Explain?
Why didn't the other sons take Mary away from John after His death?
Afterall they didn't believe Jesus was coming back?

Because there wasn't any other children to take care for her.

Story Of The Virgin Mary
Andy, too vague. What Dogma is against the Bible? The Pope isn't infallible 24/7
Infallible only on Matters and Faith.

Only you are making up this Authority of the Bible above everything else.
My Bible with Jesus states the opposite of You.
Matthew 15:3 "Why do you break the Commandments of the God for the sake of your tradition?..
Note the words 'your tradition.' We Catholics practice God's traditions.

Matthew 23:2-3
"The scribes and the Phariees have taken their seat on the CHAIR OF MOSES. Therefore, DO AND OBSERVE ALL THINGS WHATSOEVER they tell you, but do not follow their example. They preach but they do not pratice.

Look! The same word given to Peter in Matthew 16:19 "WHATSOEVER"

Was The Virgin Mary Sinless
very confusing,
"Again. Mary was NOT concieved in the womb sinless.
Mary was SAVED at conception in the womb."
In fact both thoughts are the same.---mima

I will try to break down better.

NOT conceived in the womb isn't the same as being SAVED in the womb.

You cook a cake in the oven.
You don't make a cake in the oven.

Every item is mixed together and placed in a pan which is placed in the oven. Now it is ready to be baked.

If you don't mixed the ingredients before putting them into the oven it will not turn out into a cake, but a big mess.

Mary was put together by a sperm and an egg.
Then God placed the soul into stained flesh and Saved it at the same time.

Does Purgatory Exist
RebeccaD, Rev 6:10-11 They cried out in a loud voice, "How long will it be, holy and true Master, before you sit in judgment and avenge our blood on the inhabitants of the earth?" Each of them was given a white robe, and they were told to be patient a little while longer until the number was filled of their fellow servants and brothers who were going to be killed as they had been.

No converting going on. They are asking God to take action and avenge against the people who killed them.

They are not asking God to convert the inhabitants (living).

Fellow Servants are already converted.
They have to wait until their fellow servants are killed by the inhabitants as they were killed.


Story Of The Virgin Mary
Wayne, I answered all your statements. But, for some reason they didn't post them.

The Bible isn't shy about telling us about relation CLEARLY.

1 Samuel 1:19-20 When Elkanah had relations with his wife Hannah the Lord remembered her. She conceived..
2 Samuel 11:4-5 When she came to him, he had relations with her,..the woman had conceived,
Luke 1:23-24...he went home. After this time his wife Elizabeth conceived.

Clear, Wayne. Your words isn't.
Never did they state Joseph had relations with Mary. Not once. You only assume. Don't add, just read.
I can say I never before ate raw fish when I was in Japan. I still haven't eaten raw fish. My 1st statement is okay to say.

My Bible never changes, does your?

Story Of The Virgin Mary
Mary as a perpetual virgin, Co-Redemptrix, and Mediatrix.--wayne

It isn't nice to tell falsehood.
Can we stop wasting time?
Can we debate on actual beliefs and instead of beliefs you paste on us Catholic?
Too much to ask?

CCC# 499-507 speaks on Perpetual virgin.
CCC# 969-971 Mediatrix to Jesus, not God. It states she isn't the source.

#970...NO CREATURE (Mary is a creature) could be counted along with the Incarnate Word and Redeemer.

Just the opposite of your so called 'co-redemptrix'. This is a falsehood you all love to try to claim we believe.
You made it up and you know it.
If you didn't, give the CCC#.
You should be ashame of yourself.
How can we believe anything else you say?

I Love A Catholic Guy
Sorry Alan6566UK, I didn't see your question.
Yes, Baptism makes SAVED or true Catholic as you put it.
Salvation comes from God. A Gift. God comes to you first. Not you discovered Him first.

Just like circumcision made boys Jewish.
No one asked them if they wanted to be Jewish? Adult converts had to states beliefs and circumcision.

Pharoah's daughter knew Exodus 2:6..she looked,.."It is one of the Hebrews' children."
Only one reason she knew this.
Only the Jews practiced circumcision on their boys.

Now you can always return a gift can't you?
So you can reject your baptismal promises made by your Parents and yourself when you are older.
Mark 16:16 goes to Adults and Babies.

Does Purgatory Exist
Because in Revelation 11:3 it tells us that God will be sending two witnesses on earth to warn people about God's wrath. These two witnesses will be Enoch and Elijah.---Rebecca_D on 4/20/09

Please, I am not some weak Catholic that you can spin the Bible on me. We both know exactly what the Bible states.
We both can read.

Rev 11:3: how are you going to add to Scripture? It never states Enoch and Elijah. What Bible are you reading?

You make your interpretions as Passages.
You can't do that.

The 2 witness might be Moses and Elijah, Peter and Paul and etc.
State when it is an opinion.
Not as if you know for sure. Thats adding.

Does Purgatory Exist
I never said that Moses didn't die.--Rebecca_D

Please read your own words.
Your trouble is that you want others to take opinions or interpretions of facts instead of the FACTS.

You did say he DIDN'T died and then changed to that he did DIED!!:

Moses and Elijah didn't die before Jesus. Moses died before crossing over into the promise land in the Old Testament.--Rebecca_D 4/8/09

So now you want me to take an opinion that you didn't say he died.

Why do you act as if I making stuff up?

Read your post and tell me you are not saying he didn't die and say he died with only 3 words between them.
The Jews crossed the promised land with Jacobs leading them.
All that happened before Jesus entered History.

Obama Jewish Passover Meal
Donna66 is right.
I personally think he doesn't believe in anything.
He hasn't gone to any other Church since he left his last April.
Surely some Church in DC fits his views if he was Christian.

He forces himself on the Catholic Church even when he knows it brothers us.
Now his people sent word to Notre Dame to cover up some Catholic's statues. What? He doesn't have to go if they offend him.

3 candidates(sp?) sent to the Vatican were rejected. All 3 Anti-life.
I think he is just playing around. Does he truly believe the Vatican is going to give in to his wish just because he is charming?
No. Now he plans a visit to see the Pope in July, and he doesn't even know if the Pope is going to see him or not.

Was The Virgin Mary Sinless
But RCC says Mary was conceived in the womb sinless just like Jesus. That is false. The Bible plainly says only one was conceived sinless.---miche3754 on 4/14/09

No, whats false is your falsehood you are determine to put on the RCC.
Please stop. It isn't nice.

Again. Mary was NOT concieved in the womb sinless.
Mary was SAVED at conception in the womb.

So, the RCC agrees that only ONE PERSON was conceived sinless.
Jesus Christ. No need for God to Save Him.

Why are you still fussing on the issue?
Mary was Saved just like you and I.
The only differences is TIME.
Just like a 12yr old and a 75 yr old getting saved at different times. But both were saved by Jesus.

I Love A Catholic Guy
Natalie2, If you are saying that all Catholics are baptized as such and therefore all are saved, you are in error.---Shirley on 4/16/09

I am Catholic and you are wrong.
I know what RCC teaches. They follow Jesus' Words not opinions of others. Jesus states Baptized Saves in Mark 16:16.

We don't try to make excuses or examined the words. We take His Words as HE states them. His Words are good enough for us.

Now you can lose your Salvation.
But, you are Saved when you are Baptized.

Remember, I am speaking about MY OWN FAITH, not yours.
So, how are you going to tell me how my faith believes?
I not telling you how your faith believes?

Some of you all act like experts on all beliefs.

Was The Virgin Mary Sinless
Adam and Eve were sinless, but fell.---Gregg

Jesus is sinless but obeys.
Compare Adam and Eve vs Jesus' birth and Death.

Fallen angel tricks Eve and invites sin.
Gabriel asks Mary and Truth enters.
Adam silent, Jesus speaks. They put on clothes. Jesus' is taken away.
Sword denies access to Garden
Jesus who is life is lance by the soldier.
Adam's curses is thorns, sweat to get bread. Jesus crown with thorns, sweat and states He is the Bread of life.
Tree of life is located in the center of the garden. Jesus center of our life.
Fruit from the tree. Jesus offers Himself to us as food for eternal life.
Adam in deep sleep, Eve created from rib.
Jesus dies, Church born from His side.
Many more. Awesome!

Does Purgatory Exist
..Meaning they are not in hell or in heaven. Moses and Elijah didn't die before Jesus. Moses died before crossing---Rebecca_D

How can you tell me the meaning of Scriptures, but I can't? Fair?
I even prove people in Heaven while people on earth Rev 6:10-11
I gave written proofs. You give me what you think is a meaning? WHAT?
I showed people dying before Jesus and appearing again- written proofs. Matthew 17.
You can ignore clear cut Passages, but I must take your opinions?

Ascension means going up to Heaven on ones own merits. Only Jesus acended to Heaven.
Elijah and others needed help to enter Heaven. Which proves he is in Heaven.

You state Moses didn't died and now you say he died within a few words.

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