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How To Sin A Little
this verse in the greek says "anyone that has bee begotten of God sin not practice, because seed in him abides, and he is not able to sin because of God he is begotten". Our love for God and conviction of sin prevent those truly "born of God" from continuing in it. " but if we do sin we have an advocate with the father Jesus Christ the righteous." Also read James 1:13-15

Continue To Spank My Teenager
I agree with the moderator.
Spanking at that age is humilation
rather than discipline. It is abuse.

Did My Brother Go To Hell
God is merciful. Just pray for his
soul and get on with your life.

Out Of Wedlocks Go To Heaven
God is able to forgive.

I Love A Catholic Guy
I agree that Catholics are Christian.
Some may not be born again Christians
but the Catholic doctrine is Christian.
If neither of you are flexible it might
not work. Maybe you could become
Unitarian Universalist.

Strong Feeling For A Priest
Priests take the vow of celibacy which
you must respect so there is not
much future in this relationship. Pray
for him and find another boyfriend.

Married To Jezebel Spirit
I think I am in the same fight. We both talk about that spirit. I think the Lord showed my that humility is a weapon against this. We have gone back and forth, it has been a giant power struggle. I have thought I was loosing my mind. It has a way of blaming you for what it is doing. If you point out something controlling next thing you know it is trying to say you are being controlling.

Woman Through Medical Procedure
As was was born man but did not act as man inside thus was woman inside. Surgery corrects. Lived this life'. tend to believe this was not sin on there behalf. Right or life?

Woman Through Medical Procedure
As far as I know the person is a woman and i can not say different and I can not see wher the lead in as to this.--Curious question. No bibical reference......the person acts as woman and carries themself as one.....Thus must be woman!

What Is A Calvanist
Actually Jn 3:16 does not speak to predestination at all,it just states that if you believe you will be saved.It doesn't mention abilty which is answered directly in Jn 6:44 No one Can come to me unless the father draws him this, verse speaks to abilty.The Father chooses and gives them to the Son.

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