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Pick The Right Marriage Mate
Well make a good marriage. Sit down and talk things over without fighting. Always try to do things together. If the guy wants to go out to play cards with guys, one night a week, let him. And she does the same . . . go with girls. When you do house work, help her out. And always every once in a while, tell her you love her. And if you go to bed, don't go to bed mad, angry, say that you love her > make up and say that you love her.

Playing Bingo A Sin
No. Some people think it's a sin. And some people think it's not. Some people play bingo and gamble in church . . . how can it be a sin? They say it's a sin. But they all gamble. They do it, themselves. Did you know that? I've known that, a long time ago. That's what I can't understand > they say it's a sin, then they gamble, and play bingo. Isn't that true?

Propose To My Boyfriend
I would wait for him to ask me. I think things are different, today. I think it does matter. But I'm old-fashioned.

Why Do You Believe In Jesus
Jesus helped me out a lot when I was in the hospital. Now when I was in the hospital, I was praying to Jesus. I remember that. When I was getting my hips done, He came through fro me. I think He comes through for everybody, really.

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