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Playing Bingo A Sin
Gambling is not a sin for a Christian UNLESS you are trying to make a living from it (I think). For me, gambling is NOTHING more than entertainment. Just like going to a football game or other sporting event. If we are truly trying to be "not of this world" we would not go to such events just like we wouldn't want to be seen gambling.

I have yet to see any Biblical basis against gambling. The writers of such tracts ALWAYS tell us what they THINK people's motivations are for gambling, none of which are mine!

And they ALWAYS use vague texts to "prove" their point. It doesn't even make any sense and only stupid people would believe this propaganda!

Remarried In Constant Adultery
I also believe that the Bible says one spouse is not allowed to divorce the other spouse for any reason other than for adultery. And also that ONLY the guiltless spouse is free to remarry BUT I could be wrong in my interpretation. However, if I am correct, then IF one does get a divorce for whatever reason and then remarry, then they do willfully commit sin 24/7 and can not repent of that constant sin I do not believe. The only way to get out of that sin is to divorce once again and stay unmarried. At least then they could repent of their occasional fornication.

Catholic's Second Marriage
Unfortunately, the Catholic church does not have the right to, nor can they, supersede God's word. There is NO SUCH thing as an annulment found anywhere in the Bible. It is something that the Catholic church thought up, not God, so it is worthless and has no merit in the sight of God. Also, an adulterer cannot remarry and then be forgiven while continuing in that adulterous marriage. Finally, an adulterer has to either reconcile with their spouse or remain unmarried. I believe that verses in Matthew and others show this.

Can A Prayer Save You
There is NO SUCH thing found in the Bible as "the sinner's prayer" so it is heresy (false teaching) to say such a thing. For one thing, God does not hear the prayers of unbaptized sinners. For another thing, the ONLY way to become saved is to HEAR or read God's word, UNDERSTAND it, REPENT of your sins, CONFESS your understanding, repentance and faith, be BAPTIZED, and then live FAITHFULLY. It's that simple.

Was Jesus A Wine Bibber
Exactly! Moderation (or self-control) is the key to EVERYTHING while we are living here on earth. The same hypocrites who decry any alcohol use are the same people who say it is OK for them to live in huge houses and drive expensive cars, etc DESPITE God's word that tells us ALL to live modestly!

Was Jesus A Wine Bibber
You can always tell a hypocrite because they "pick and choose" which verses of the Bible they think everyone should live by. Sadly, these people have ulterior motives. For example, ALL of the overweight/old people in my congregation believe that swimming is a sin because you MIGHT cause others to sin (lust). They say this though because they are old, overweight, and wrinkly and so they don't want to go swimming! However, these same people are wealthy and live luxuriously (not modestly) EVERY DAY but they deny that that is a sin even though I tell them that they ARE causing me to sin (covet) but they say that that is ridiculous and that it is my fault for being covetous! What's the difference? Nothing!

Debt-Free Christians
Someone please give us a verse in the New Testament that says we are supposed to live debt-free because I missed it. I have never heard of such an idea. If that were true, then no one would ever own their own house.

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