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What Use For Evolution
An Athiest tried to prove evolution to me by saying, "They have found a portion of DNA strand that is common in every living thing." My reply??? "Of Course. God created every living thing."

I Am Getting Severely Discouraged
How do you think our Lord Jesus felt when those around him would not listen or believe? "No servant is greater than his Master." You follow Christ. Do you think you should be shown respect greater than that which He received? So you are criticized and ridiculed! Take comfort in this. John 15:18 "If the world hates you, keep in mind that they hated me first." I would suggest that you first find those of like-mind, and then tackle those who dwell in the darkness. With more than one light in the room, it's hard for dark to hide anywhere. Above all, don't give up. That would be the same as giving up on that which the Lord has chosen for you to do, and essentially giving up on Him. Is that what you really want to do?

Christians Are Mentally Sick
"A recent study has suggested that religious people have a natural leaning towards full-filling a personality gap.Saying "Religious people tend to have a low socio-chlimatic personality disorder"
This really sounds like a group of people who got together to defend their own short-comings by inventing a new "disorder" for those who find hope and happiness in God.

Tithe To Abused Animals
The question, as I see it, is whether we should give to the Church, or to a charity. The answer, as I see it, is "Neither." We tythe to God. We give to Him a small portion of what He has blessed us with. If we give to a Church, we are missing the intent of the tythe. The Church isn't asking that we acknowledge God's gifts. God is. The Church is the place we go to meet with God and to surrender to Him that which is His. If you think your Church is too large, join a smaller Church. But give your tythes to God with a prayer of thanksgiving.

Fate Of False Teachers
James tells us that we who teach will be judged more strictly. For me, that sums it up rather nicely. Anyone who assumes the role of a teacher or preacher of God's Word, and misleads the people, whether for personal reasons or not, will be judged "according to his works."
Let's not make the mistake of thinking that Christ will not look at everything we have said or done in this life, whether teacher or not. He will judge the "quick and the dead." The quick are those of us who have been "quickened," or made alive in Him, and the dead, those who do not accept Him as Lord. Being judged by our works applies to only the quick. The dead have already been condemned because they have not confessed Jesus as Lord.

Authority To Change God's Law
End the fight, show the text where jesus changed the law.
---francis on 1/16/11

That would be a mute point, as Jesus IS God. But in Matthew, He said that He had not come to abolish the Law or the Prophets, but to fulfill them. (5:17) He modified the Law when He commanded us to love our enemies, but again, He is God.

Why God Has Forsaken Me
Why is God like the distant father of mine who never calls, never writes?

Jim...I imagine that God asks the same question of His children. Sometimes we ask, and having received, move on. (Some, not all.) As KarenD implied, God has a plan for you. Consult with Him at every opportunity. Make sure that you are walking in His Will. Give Praise to His Holy Name for the things you have. The words spoken to Joshua after the death of Moses still prevail as a promise to us all. "I will never leave you nor forsake you." (Reiterated in Hebrews.) Maintain your faith and trust in God and in His Will for your life.

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