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Wife's Affair With Youth Pastor
Thanks Pharisee & Trina! I need support right now. I do want to forgive her and believe that she won't do it again. And yes, I do look in the mirror and I don't like what I see. I have 0 pride and feel like i'm the failure. I know that usually when a womens strays its because the man wasn't doing something right, but its not for lack of trying and "frankly" she has somewhat soured my spirit. I think I have been hurt so many times that my heart has started to harden. On top of all of this the guy totally took advantage of her just for her body "a fling" for him. She actually thought he loved her. She chose a dirt bag like that over me and the kids. Maybe i'm the one thats insecure?

Wife's Affair With Youth Pastor
...continued I wish that I could explain more of the whole issue. I cannot because it may hurt people because others who know may stubble on to this blog. The situation is actually quit unique, as I suppose many are, and of course deals with all of the normal betrayel, lies, ect. I do feel trapped though, like i have to stay because of the kids. I can't be certain yet, but thats my big hang-up. I just don't want old smutty face to win another battle!!!!!

Wife's Affair With Youth Pastor
Yes, she has repented. I believe though, that there is a good chance of this happening again. She has very insecure and has low confidence in herself. Its funny, she always worried about me straying or worried about other women. I never gave her any reason, I don't look, flirt, or basically even talk to other women, all so I would not even be temped. I trusted her and was secure enough in myself that I would not worry about her cheating. She was always the sentimental one. The one that acted like cheating in anyway was the farthest from her. When she told me, I could not have been more surprised, ecspecially with who. I know I don't sound very strong in faith right now, but it has sooooo worn me down. I am thankful for all of the post.

Did Moses See God's Face
Ex. 33:11 Moses would speak to God face to face as a man speaks with his friend.
Ex. 33:20 Moses cannot see God's face for no one may see Him and live.
Gen. 32:30 Jacob saw God face to face and yet his life was spared.

When God chooses the form and fashion of a face to face meeting it is possible. But, when man attempts to make that choice in any style or fashion, then the man will not live. It is God's choice because God is spirit and He can expose Himself in spiritual design in the manner and style God chooses. But, man cannot choose that meeting. We can draw close to God, but it is God who decides the exact form of revealing Himself.

Televangelists High Salaries
I am a fairly new christian, since 2007, and still have a long way to go to understanding the way of GOD. I beleive the scriptures when JESUS was here, he lived and led as an example to how thing need to be done. MARK ch 6 v 7 and LUKE ch 9 v 57 are missions of 12 and 70. Why would JESUS send them out telling them not to take anything with them? I beleive that it was plainly faith building and trusting in GOD that he WILL provide all they need and not man. I have not yet seen any faith close to this from anyone, including television ministry, since giving my life to GOD! As a new christian, I am having a real hard time beleiving anyone on tv. Scripture is preached differently by each pastor.

What Does Jesus Mean To You
I like Jesus because he was the end of religion, no more religion needed. Faith, without religion, is contentment.

Is Purgatory A Biblical Concept
Purgatory is the after life's laundromat, where you are purified for entry into heaven.
The decisions and implication of your choices in life are all set in motion, nothing can change them.

Scripture For Salvation In Tongues
THe Word speaks of Obedience to the Holy Ghost. Why would we be disobedient to Him in not receiving the Baptism? We Pentecostals view this Baptism with the evidence of tongues and obedience is required on the part of the believer to receive it not God. "He shall Baptize you with the Holy Ghost" was stated and so was "But wait until you receive the enduement of Power" but when we witness and preach or anything other than seek His empowerment (not our own) then we will have it. Everywhere in the Word it was a second event and signs followed (tongues). Paul tells us to pray in tongues in several books of the NT but many that say Lord do not obey.

Obama's Healthcare Plan
Did you know France and Canada have lower infant and adult mortality rates than the U.S.? Really? You say. But, but they have government healthcare plans. Did you know, that when a woman has a baby in France, they are provided with a government paid nanny for 6 weeks to help around the house? Did you know that doctors make house calls in France? I don't know about you, but I love dragging my 2 year old to the clinic everytime she has an ear infection. My point it this: I am embarassed how Christians have blindly followed lock step with the Republican party. I'm not an Obama fan, but I am flat out disgusted at how Christians have eagerly subscribed to the hate and deception set forth by Republicans. I follow Christ. Not Republicans.

Church With No Cross
Removing the cross from the worship space is a big mistake. The cross, or better yet, what the cross represents, is the very grace and power at work on behalf of the world. Rather than remove it, believers need to be educated or re-educated as to its meaning. It is an integral part of our Easter story, not merely a symbolic gesture. It testifys to teh life-giving pwer adn grace of God. Rather than remove it, we ought to it as the vehicle of our salvation.

Adam Or Eve Caused The Fall
People, I am sorry, but reading this makes me think that not one of you understands the Bible on this matter. As I remember, Eve accepted of the fruit with the promise of being like God, and therefore better than Adam, if she partook. Then, she reminded Adam the she was given to him as his wife and was going to be thrown out of the garden because of it. As such he had been given the responsibility, by God, to take care of her and protect her. The only way he could have done that under the circumstances then existing was by also eating of the fruit. This he admitted having done and added his reason for having done so, that is not blaming but stating a fact. The real sin was that Eve became the head of Adam, as most women do today, lead the man.

Married Man Found Dream Lady
I have been married a long time too and my sweetheart has changed a lot over the twenty plus years. She is abusive and was once a drug addict. She has really hurt me in many ways but I had to give that to God. You should never cheat against your marriage. If you are really unhappy with your wife then just focus on God. God is what life is really about, not your wife alone, or a love life, or any material goods, or anything on earth. Get involved in the church or get another job to use up the time with those idle hands. Dump the girlfriend, she is poison.

Funeral For A Non-Christian
I never realized until I became Pastor of Care how much a funeral service could be an out reach.
When I do a service for a non-christian, I let the family say everything about the one who died. I don't make any statments about them. I try to find some way to connect with them in my remarks, then I talk about the three resources we have to walk through the loss: Family, Friends, and Faith. If I don't know anything about their faith, I share my faith. I have seen several people show up at Church following non-christian funerals. Many of them are searching

Wearing Pants To Church
Would you tell a newcomer she couldn't wear pants in your church? Would you not then teach the truth of the bible as it is written for men and women to see for themselves without offensively fingering them out in the Holy temple of God. Should women wear pants out of church?
Holiness comes from God, when you have the likeness of Christ (Holy Spirit) in you then the sins of judging people and anger depart and you become convicted and willing to do that which is God's will, not yours!
Love is the greatest of all virtues, seek it in yourselves for all people in the name of Jesus Christ!

Spanking Young Teenage Girl
I believe in spanking I was spanked at home and school until I was 15 , I spank my 13 and 11 yr. old daughter and 10yr. old son over my knee with pants down and they respect me

Affair With My Wife's Sister
You deserve to lose your marriage. People like you are a burden on society.

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