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Go To Heaven At Death
The bible says we know King David is asleep. Besides in Revelation we learn we will live on the new earth, not in heaven.

Why Is The KJ V Bible So Great
My problem with the NIV and similar versions is removing words like fast or fasting from key verses. Fasting today is very rare yet it was widely practiced in the Bible. Other such words are removed without the 'side note' usually giving an explanation as to why. To me it seems like those are taken away to accomodate 'itching ears'. Like Mark 16:9-20 the best argument being it 'doesn't sound like Mark's style'. So the Holy Spirit had him write differently! I believe God had the KJV put together at the right time and besides a version that takes out thee's and thou's (possible NKJV although still have to be careful there) He doesn't need a different translation.

Will Non-Baptized Go To Heaven
Gal 3:27 For as many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ.

Christian Vegetarians Confused
"How do you absolutely know for sure that Adam and Eve were vegetarians? You assume a lot."

Death must occur in order to eat meat and there was no death in the Garden until after Satan tempted Eve. God killed the first animal in order to clothe Adam and Eve, thus death came to the earth for the first time. Now after they were kicked out they most likely ate meat as their sons sacrificed it to God.

Do End Times Scare You
Is anyone here being serious!? The original question is not even being addressed, instead you people are 'pushing her buttons' for fun. Shame on you! She needs Jesus and maybe medication, not encouragement. Pray for her and ignore the ramblings. Lets get back to talking about God and studying scripture, that's why I come here. Moderator, where are you, why do you allow this to continue?

Helping Her To Divorce
1 Cor 7:15 " But if an unbeliever departs, let him depart, a brother or a sister is not under bondage in such cases." An abuser CANNOT be a believer and if she is not under bondage I believe she is free to remarry. Stay pure until the divorce.

Must Christians Tithe
Interestingly,the Jewish people today,(those who follow the law,practicing Jews),do not tithe! Why? Because they do not have a Temple! Therefore there are no priests and Levites to support. If those to whom the Law was given don't tithe because of the circumstances today then why in the world do we think we should? They do give freewill offerings to support the poor, the stranger, and their synagogues. Paul said we shouldn't muzzle the ox,ie,he who works should be able to eat from that work, ie, Pastors and the church. He also said "Give what you purpose in your heart." That could be 5,7,10 40, or even 100%! As a Christian all your money belongs to God. So listen for His voice and he will tell you where and how much to give!

Preachers Using Movie Clips
David said "I will set no evil thing before my eyes". If a preacher is using wordly movies to get inspiration something is wrong. Why is he even watching them? "it's hard to avoid these day's" is not true. We are called to be separate, that includes our choice of entertainment. If our music and television choices were audited would we look any different than the unsaved guy next door? We should. Do not love the world or the things of the world.

Make-Up Or Hair Color Godly
No I don't believe we should wear makeup or dye, cut, or do anything to ourselves. God made us all beautiful! Why change what God created!

Married Man Found Dream Lady
Do you really think that she is your dream girl? I don't believe that! You are stuck on the image of your wife when you married her. She was young, and thats what you are looking fo so that you do not have to accept that you are aging! Believe me this has already happened to my dad! He left my mom who is 48 for a 32 yr old then left her for a 28 yr old and he is 51. He is just looking for youth!!

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