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Banned Christianity In Public
Cluny, since most TV sets don't have camera, microphone, or transmission capabilities, I would assume the government is probably not spying on people through their TV sets. Although with their proven track record of abusing their power, I wouldn't put it past them if they had that ability.

Now please answer the question I asked you. Do you think the government is tapping people's cell phones? I asked nothing about YOUR cell phone.

Do You Attend Church
While Cluny may not have told anyone to jump off a bridge, his arrogance and condescending rhetoric is more aggressive and offensive! Cluny has the most un-Christ-like attitude of anyone I have seen in my short time of reading these blogs. He talks down to people. Every post spews insults to other people's intelligence and their faith. It's obvious he thinks himself to be more intelligent than everyone else, while at the same time proving the exact opposite to be true. He attempts to mask his hostility by being indirect, and phrasing his accusations in the form of a question, which he appears to think is a clever display of intelligence. Nonetheless, it doesn't make them any less hostile or hateful.

Banned Christianity In Public
Cluny, do you think the NSA is tapping into people's cell phones?

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Banned Christianity In Public
"It must be terrible to live with your paranoia, Stan."

Yep. You have no idea how horrible it is to have to live as an educated and aware individual. I truly wish I could be as obvlivious as you and experience the ignorant bliss that you enjoy.

"As far as guns, while the Second Amendment says what it says, Someone greater than the Founding Fathers said, "Those who take up the gun shall die by the gun," or something similar."

The same man who said "If you don't own a gun, then sell your coat and buy a gun", or something similar. Protecting your loved ones is not the same as living by the sword.

Banned Christianity In Public
As Cluny suggests, the government is not out to get you. The government is here to help! The government loves you. It is totally absurd to think our government would ever do anything other than what is absolutely right and moral. Those in power would NEVER do anything for their own personal gain. Everything they do is for our own good, because they love us so much. How could you ever think the government would do such a thing like imposing on our freedoms? That's just ridiculous! Could NEVER happen, EVER! Now do as Cluny says and drink your cool aid. And don't forget to turn in your guns.

Paddle Teenage Daughters
If you hit an adult you go to jail. If you hit a teenager, you're kids are taken away. But if you hit a young defenseless child, no one cares.

Kind of backwards isn't it? Why is it considered abuse if you hit a full grown teenager, but it's okay to hit a little toddler or kid? It seems to me like hitting a kid is worse than hitting a full grown person.

KJV New Testament
"Please don't confuse yourself with everyone else, 1st_cliff. That's the height of narcissism."

Actually, that's the exact opposite of narcissism. Narcissists believe themselves to be different then everyone else, because that is the only way they can be superior and exceptional.

"\\Since "condescending" applies to you, is it physical or psychological?\\

Neither, because you are merely projecting."

That's not projecting, just making a clear observation, really. We have all observed this about you, so it seems you are the one who is confused about your own behavior.

Do You Attend Church
"No. I'm Orthodox.

Orthodoxy is the most disorganized thing in the USA. It's proof that we are energized by the Holy Spirit."
---Cluny on 3/5/14

God is not a God of disorder but of peace--as in all the congregations of the Lord's people.

Church To Protect Children
"Same thing Protestant churches can do to protect children from sexually abusive clergy"
---Cluny on 12/6/13

Didn't really answer the question. What are the protestant churches doing that the Catholic Church isn't?

Alcoholics Anonymous Cults
I may not have a clue in regards to the difference between al-anon and AA, but I do have a clue what it means to repent from stinkin' thinkin' to agreeing with God. Show me, if you don't mind, where in the Word of God He calls one of His children an alcoholic. If you can't find one, it is because He doesn't. If He doesn't, then calling yoruself one is disagreement with Him. How can two walk together except they be agreed?

Alcoholics Anonymous Cults
If Al-Anon was about the renewing of the mind, the first thing they would do is encourage Christians who drink to believe what God says about them instead of basing their identities upon their behavior the way the world system does. The AA I have always heard about starts folks off by having them confess daily, "I am an alcoholic". That is not the truth as God sees it and continuing to declare themselves as something different than who they are in Christ apart from the behavior is the very reason they never experience true deliverance. The renewing of the mind is about gaining a proper image of God first and then a proper image of yourself because of the finished work of Christ. True mind renewal results in transformation.

Christian Debt Answers
I would consider this type of a company only if I could not figure out how to stop spending more than I make.

Evidence Of 6 Day Creation
One of the basic rules of Biblical intrepretation is that the Bible interprets itself. First one seeks within the context of the book for an answer and then within the writings of the same author. In this case Moses wrote book Genesis and Exodus. Why would Moses define a day as one thing in Genesis and something else in Exodus? He wouldn't. It is pure speculation to see the "day" in Genesis and Exodus as anything more than a 24 hour day.

Was The Virgin Mary Sinless
Mary was not created in Genesis. The conflict was not between Satan and The Woman but between Satan and the "seed" of the woman - indicating a virgin birth. Jesus is the only sinless person, therefore Mary could not be sinless. The One who was once her son is now her Lord. Mary was a chosen vessel of God and deserves all the honor associated with that but she is not nor ever was divine.

Who is Myles Munroe?
It seems to me that there will always be arguments either for or against someone or their ministry. I believe it is wise to refrain from being critical of others even if some of us don't agree with certain views. It is in not the character or nature of God to be critical the way we are to others especially those in the spot light.

I have personally heard some of Dr. Monroe's teachings, and the ones I have heard have been biblical (Rediscovering the Kingdom and The Purpose and Power of Prayer).

Call A Priest Father
St.Paul was called father and didn't condemn this. Elders in the early Church were called father. I'm Catholic. Jesus wasn't easily understood. The ancient mind can be confusing. Jesus said "eat my body drink my blood". Bread and wine is Jesus' body and blood (substantiation). "Do this in remembrance of me" Our Mass every day remembers. The Bible, a book collection, doesn't say it's the only doctrine, there are many wonderful things Jesus did and weren't written. Father is a title of respect. Don't believe the pope (father in Italian) is of Peter? At least show tolerance. The Protestant church goes back before Luther or Henry. Orthodox were once Catholic before separating. Remember this? Honor thy Father and Mother.

Grandmother Afraid Of Baptism
Baptism is something that every Christian should do if they can. Baptism is not a requirement for salvation however. Does your grandmother take a shower or a bath? If so, is she afraid of that...or is it just putting her head under the water.

If so, even though immersion is the correct biblical method, it certainly is okay to baptize her by having her stand in the baptismal tub and just sprinkling her with water. Jesus knows her heart and what is important for salvation is her heart, is it right with God.

Talents vs Rewards
To answer this question let's be clear that reward is different than salation. Salvation is in Jesus, reward is what you get when you go to heaven and it is based on what you have done "in and for Christ." Revelation 22:12.

Whatever the Lord decides to give you as a reward in heaven you will love. why? Because your eyes will be opened to full knowledge and understanding and you will be most grateful just to be there number one, and number two, you won't even feel like you deserve what you will be so wonderful.

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