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Living With A Bitter Spouse
Hebrews 12:15 the root of bitterness defiles many, meaning that the bitter person will defile those who are around them. Remember the verse that says stay away from the angry person lest you learn their ways? The only way things are going to change is if the root of bitterness is removed from them by their repentance.know them by their fruit. The fruit of the spirit is: Love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, self-control. Does your spouse have these attributes? See Galatians 5:19-21. What fits better?It doesn't sound like she is pleased to dwell with you. The bible says if an unbelieving spouse is pleased to dwell with you, stay with them, if not, what do you really hope to gain by staying in that situation?

Destruction Of The Flesh
It is rather evident from the text this is the meaning. The flesh is a mind set which is in opposition to the Spirit. The destruction would also include a physical manifestation as a sign to the rest of the church of God's holiness and sin does have dire consequences. The spirit purchased by the blood of Christ is preserved. Be ye holy as I am holy is not a request of God but a command.

Friend Becoming A Mormon
As to the original question. If a friend of mine were converting to Mormonism, I would ask him why? I would ask him what he believes. I would tell him what I believe and why. I would do this without anger, beligerance or belittling. If I were to notice that anger, beligerance or belittling words were creeping into my speech, I would try to stop and recognize that I am not being motivated out of love towards my friend, but either out of ego, or outright bigotry.

Books Missing From The Bible
The Bible is a collection of writings by different authors that grew and changed over time. "Missing", assumes it was meant to be part of the collection. Because different selections have been part of different canonical collections, it is almost useless to argue over what is "missing". Instead, selection and rejection are a process,sometimes due to evidence of a writing's legitimacy/illegitimacy, but also sometimes just because of the bias of a person or group. Its like if I ran a newspaper, I could choose the articles. Obviously my biases would affect what was included, but not to worry the original writers also had their own biases and already started the process of editing and slanting things.

Republican Party Changes
I keep hearing Republican congressmen and leaders need to go back to their conservative roots. I'm beyond that. Its time to vote them out and let some true conservatives, some real people, with real life experience and real thoughts and feelings have a chance.

It seems terrifically stupid to act like we want Republican leaders to go back to conservatism. It wasn't that they lost their way, it was instead that they were politicians first and foremost and that they just used the conservative talking points to get us to vote them into power. Once there, they acted like men without principle. Huge government. Huge deficits. Pandering to Special Interests. Huge Deals for the elite few.

Vote them out! Get some real conservaties!

How To Vote In 2008
I don't see that it is best to have just a single thing as a deciding factor, because our president will necessarily have to deal with all three of the above. Morally, I see McCain as somewhat a better choice, primarily because of his stance against most abortion. On economics, I believe that the worst thing we can do to our country and our kids is to hand them a bigger government, which means a bigger government deficit and higher taxes. I think McCain seems for a more limited government. On world events, it is hands down McCain. Obama was naive or just plain wrong about the following: the "surge" in Iraq, the importance of Iran getting nuclear weapons, the invasion of Russia into Georgia, etc.

Why Are We In Iraq
1. It is largely oil, but not necessarily in any evil way. Iraq originally invaded oil rich Kuwait.
2. Bush1 erred when winning the first gulf war, instead opting for a negotiated peace.
3. The treaty allowed our aircraft to patrol zones to protect people and neighboring countries.
4. The treaty allowed for inspections to help prevent WMD.
5. Saddam targetted our planes, violating the treaty
6. Saddam prevented inspections for WMD, violating the treaty.
7. Clinton failed to enforce the treaty
8. Bush2 decided to enforce the treaty and because the UN President, France, Germany and Russia were getting money from Saddam, they sided with Saddam, not us.

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