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Believe In Evolution Myth
One day we will know the truth, and it will probably be much better or different than what we thought it would be.

Men Interested In Large Women
I personally define big as such

5-2 200lbs is obese
5-6 200lbs is borderline big
5-10 200lb is chubby

Of course these all depend on muscle tone. My ex had gigantic muscular legs. She was 5-3 and at one time weighed 210 lbs. She was literally round. She lost a ton of weight and was down to 155. She looked gorgeous. Still chunky, very loose skin, but sexy and beautiful. You dont have to be "skinny".

There comes a point when a woman's lack of concern for her weight affects how sexy a man sees her. If you dont care about yourself you cant expect a man to.

Two Dinosaurs In The Bible
In the bible they don't use the word dinosaur, because there was no such word. They referred to them as dragons, and it is mentioned 21 times in the old testament alone. Before the great flood, some people lived about 900 years. Reptiles never stops growing, till it dies. Imagine a 900 year old reptile, it would be as large as a "dinosaur". And just so by the way, how could dinosaurs have gone extinct 65 million years ago if the earth is only about 6000 to 8000 years old.

Bishop Eddie Long Sex Scandle
Brothers and sisters, please let us be slow to speak and slow to anger concerning B. Eddie (James 1: 19). Lets wait until the outcome of the investigation so that we all can know the truth. Even if its true its not a thing of joy to us (love rejoices not in iniquity but in truth 1 Corinthians 13: 6). Spiritual warfare is real therefore we need to pray for one another. Ephesian 6: 18-19). In the military every soldier look out for the other to ensure that they win. We are enlisted in the army of the Lord. Let us look out for one another. God bless

Why Is God So Far Away
Sandra often times I have felt that way but the scripture that guides me is Isaiah 59: 1-2. Moments like this helps us to re-examine ourselves to be sure we are still in Christ (2 Corinthians 13:5). Once am confident that all is well, then I do not need feelings to know that He is with me (Isaiah 43:2, Hebrew 13:5-6). Christianity has a lot of challenges (many are the afflictions of the righteous..Psalm 34:19) but we are guaranteed victory (but God delivers him from them all). May He never leave you.

World Ending In 2012

Not at all possible. Otherwise, the antichrist would have arrived in 2005. Or, if you're talking about the OTHER end of the world - then we would be 998 years into the millineal reign.

Neither of these has happened, methinks.

Why Don't Christians Witness
Most Christians don't have a personal testimony of God's power in their lives. So how can they witness? Mostly head knowledge about Jesus, no personal experience.

What Is The Tree Of Life
The term is a metaphor for a person who spends life showing Christ to a non-believing world, drawing sinners to salvation. The righteous man or woman produces works and deeds that draw the lost unto Christ, like a lighthouse on a dark night. Thus, his life produces the fruit that results in the winning of souls.

How Can I Save My Marriage
My wife (12 yrs + 2 sons)left me 2 mos. ago. 3 thoughts:put God 1st in your marriage. Read THE POWER OF PRAYER TO CHANGE YOUR MARRIAGE by:Stormie Omartian Learn how to pray THROUGH your problems, not ABOUT them.I am going through Elijah House Prayer Ministry (Google 4 info.) It is an emotional and spiritual awakening. If u can't find this, use ANY CHRISTIAN COUNSELING. "I can do all things through Him who strengthens me." Phil. 4:13 If I knew this 6 mos. ago my marriage would have been so much better. I pray 1 person can read this and saves their marriage, so they do not have to go through the pain and suffering that we are. May the Lord bless all marriages, and may He find you when and where you need Him most. In Jesus name, AMEN

Can We Eat Pork
I have been questioning the same things.

I have been eating as close to kosher as I possibly can, and I feel great. I have broken the pork rule (myone big strict one) a couple times and felt gross and Seperated From His Presence, just as I had when I had fallen into temptation a couple times since accepting Jesus.

No one can judge except YHWH. However, do what the Holy Spirit is convicting you, personally, to dO!

ANd think about that story when Jesus casts those demons into the pigs that drown themselves! I feel that when I eat pork now!

Half Of Population Raptured
This parable is talking about when Christ's comes again. It is a contrast to what happened in the days of Noah right before the flood. Nowhere in the Bible is the issue of rapture ever mentioned. This is a false belief. When Christ comes the second all will go before the judgment for the world will have been burned up. Those that are dead in Christ will be called up first and everyone else will meet them in the air. Everyone will go to judgment at the same time. Again I say that scripture never mentions rapture.

New Testament Nonsense
We need to read and understand both the Old and New Testament. The Bible is the simplest book every written. All we have to do is do what it says. Hear, Believe, Repent, Confess, and be Baptized and our sins will be forgiven. But we must also remain faithful until death.

Cause Of Economic Crisis
Certainly. It's indicative of that relationship with God, and a lot of other things. But, simply enough, it all adds up to one explanation: the fallenness of the world and the inability of man to "fix it."

Are Skin Colors Evolution
Carla, can we be reasonable here? Science is a TOOL. It can be used or abused. True scientific inquiry will never lead us away from God.

Many of the greatest scientists were Christians. And they stood against religious authorities in defense of BOTH the Bible and scientific truth.

The real danger today is that science is being hijacked for political purposes, in the same way that Hitler propagandized science and education in his country. Karl Marx said religion is the opiate of the masses, but I say that seperation of science and state is where we really need to be. Not subsidizing charlatan psuedo-sciences with government welfare.

Genesis Account Mythological

The two accounts of creation in the first two chapters contradict one another. It's not opinion. It's fact. They contradict one another.

Are Skin Colors Evolution
Words like "Big Bang" and "evolution" have caused a big and needless artificial breach between science and religion.

"Evolution" itself describes observations in life, extrapolated to theories of ultimate origin. The problem is how imagination goes from the reality of variation to the idea that "lizards turn into birds."

"Big Bang" refers to a body of observations and evidence about the cosmos that leads to speculation about how the universe began. There is no doubt the evidence exists that the universe began. It's a question of how we interpret the evidence. Einstein knew what he had uncovered - the proof of the ages.

Genesis Account Mythological
Don't worry about it. This argument has been going on for ages and ages. Anyone who believes that is mistaken in that belief. It's a silly assertion anyway. There are five million different versions of what Genesis says, bandied about amongst theologians. Which version has been supposedly disproven by science?

There isn't anything to even question other than the fact that the two chronologies don't match exactly. Well... noone writes a story that is full of contradictions on purpose unless they deliberately want the scenario to be disbelieved. There is more to the Genesis story than the literal. More than we know.

Are Skin Colors Evolution
Skin color is determined by interbreeding within a narrow pool of mates. So skin color is an adaptation that strengthens as a nation continues to interbreed. Noah and his family were the last survivors BUT they carried all the genes of humanity past within themselves. My sincere belief is that the people of India are probably the most representative of what people started out looking like. They have dark skin, but caucasoid features. Who knows? Just a guess.

There's a lot about genetics still to be determined. Consider that alcoholism runs in families, and so does obesity. I believe the propensity for characteristics increases steadily through generations as it is "built up" behaviouraly in successive generations.

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