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Christian Dating A Non-Christian
You love him, as you would any prospective husband. If it is meant to be, he will become Christian, but could you imagine living your life without him in it because of his personal beliefs? If that seems unfathomable, then you know you belong together. If you can spend your marriage praying for him but not preaching to him, then I think you should go for it.

Evolution Taught In School
Just tell them the truth. You know what evolution is and it hasn't stopped your beliefs, right? Your children are going to hear this idea eventually. Trust them to believe what you have taught them and what is right.

Speaking In Tongues Fake
I have faked speaking in tongues so, yes, it can most definitely be fake. I was 8, had no idea what these people were doing and was instructed to repeat the alphabet in order to speak tongues.I have also spoken in tongues by accident during extreme heavy praying in my room.At a horrendous Sweet 16party, my friends decided to get into a circle of 20 and start praying, and then start speaking in tongues. I politely ducked out of the circle after 10 uncomfortable minutes of nonsense, went back to the campfire and roasted marshmallows while the others continued to "pray" aka lie to look pious for an additional hour. I have to say it Exzucuh, it is sort of ironic to read someone admonishing all Science in an INTERNET forum.

Is There Original Sin
No way! God is innately good, created us in his image and would never damn children like that.

The bible is not a mystery. In the end, I feel that our hearts tell us what it right and true. God would not allow that kind of punishment for the innocent.

Rapture Doesn't Happen
People will invent a new day of rapture, explain away the other one and continue on like that. Like they always do. How many other "end of the worlds" have we already lived through?

The end will come like a thief in the night. We don't know when that is. Sorry world, I think that's the point.

Demon Caused Diseases
Ha! What!? Tooth decay is caused by demons?? It's caused by poor dental hygiene-what are you talking about??

As for the mental diseases, I understand where you're coming from, but I feel that these hardships that look terrifying tooutsiders are hurdles given to these individuals to aid in their spiritual growth. The same way that other sicknesses are not as a result of God punishing us, but are ways for the sick and the healthy to learn about life, love and what is important. These struggles can also be used to the person's benefit. ADHD, for example, can be very helpful in particular careers.

Body Piercings Sinful
No. Unless the person receiving a piercing is committing the act as a form of self mutilation,then body piercing is absolutely fine. It is so minor and irrelevant. It also one of those things that I have prayed to God before doing for his help! (God! please help me not to be scared help me not to chicken out please God, please!) I know, not the best prayer, but I was 9 and I was scared and I really, truly think that God doesn't have a problem with it. I also got crosses as my first pair of earrings, so that had to have helped my case, too.

Joel Osteen's Lakeway Church
Joel is more of a motivational speaker than a preacher of God's Holy Word. Much of what he has to say may give hope and motivation, but he does not present us with the meat of faith in which we need to be fed. In my opinion this is why his church is sooo big. It is because people are willing to hear the health and wealth Gospel rather than the Gospel in it's entirety. we are called to have discernment and It is good that you are weary of Joel's messages.

Persecuted In The Spirit
Do people with ties to witchcraft get persecuted in the holy spirit or in some kind of satanic spirit? I guess either could happen, but the latter is probably more likely.

Debt Problems And Debt Help
I believe that the devil uses many avenues to trick and attack us. The real question I believe, is am I working to get this debt under control and have I turned my spending over the Christ. Once a person has gotten into debt, it may take several years to get out of debt. Students can spent up to $100,000 going to Christian universities... and that will take a while to pay off.

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