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Rapture Doesn't Happen
Focusing on a pre-trib rapture is an incorrect focus. First, when Paul mentioned the concept in Thess., he is trying to communicate that believers should not grieve, as unbelievers, over the death of a believer because that person will rise again. Paul is not teaching a precise system of eschatology.
Second, the teaching of a pre-trib rapture is somewhat complex. It's based on a belief that God dealt with Israel, before Christ, and the "church" is distinct from Israel (hyper-dispendsationalism). This system believes that God needs to rapture the church so He can again deal with Israel. Lastly, nobody knows how end times will exactly work out. Focus on Christ. Life in Christ is an heart issue, not a nice life on earth issue.

What Is The New Covenant
I like it. Keep it simple.
Very simply, the Old covenant focused on the external life. The New Covenant is a focus of the heart.

What Is The New Covenant
Exacty Steveng.

Did Jesus Die For Everyone
Let me add a few thought provoking questions someone proposed to me.
Is God all-powerful?
Is God powerful enough to accomplish His Will?
And, if God is not willing that any should perish, will all people, perhaps after death, be saved?

I don't buy this train of thought, but it is interesting.

There are verses that say, by one man all died, by One man all will be saved.

Who Is Jesus To You
To answer the blog question: I believe Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God.

Jesus is the Creator.
Jesus is the Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last, Who was and Who is to come, the Almighty.
Jesus is to be worshipped.
Jesus is to be followed.
Jesus, while physically on earth, was a perfect example on how to live.
Jesus is presented from the Scriptures to hold the place of God as memtioned above.

Although I believe Jesus to be God, let me ask a question, does one have to believe that Jesus is God Almighty, as taught by trinitarians to have eternal life?

How To Interpret Scripture
I interpret the Bible using the same basic concepts taught in an English Literature class.
One should seek to understand the culture and times in which the Bible was written, realizing it was written over 1,500 hundred years.
One should learn about the author, as much as possible.
One should ask and answer questions that come to mind from reading a passage,remembering what Mark Twain said,"It's not the things that I don't understand that bother me, but the things I do understand."

Concerning God communicating and teaching what love is: God demonstrated His love through Jesus Christ. Some of Jesus' last words on the cross were, "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do." That is love.

Why Should I Believe The Bible
I don't recall the three-headed dog, where is that? I know that's not the basic question.

There are some great replies to why believe the Bible in this thread. History, prophecy, many authors over a 1,500 year period are some of the reasons.

Concerning the triune God,perhaps the question could be restated as, does one have to believe in The Triune God to be saved? If so, perfectly understanding that is a challenge.

The Bible is the only source I know that explains the history of the "cradle of history" in the middle east. It reveals the basic conflict that has been going on for four thousand years in the middle east. Extremely fasinating.

How To Choose A Church
Why look for a church?

What to avoid? Religiousity.

I'm a bit hard on what is known as the local church, but I avoid it like the plague. Yes, there are some great people there, but they are bits of wheat in the mist of weeds, and they are hard to find.

The questions should be, where do I get fellowship? Fellowship needs to be defined. Where do I meet people where one can submit to one another? Where do I get stimulated to love and good works? How do I grow in Christ? What does it mean to walk with Christ? Where are believers who honestly pray for one another and care for one another?

If the church has a pastor and people call him pastor, and pastor accepts and encourages people to call him pastor, look somewhere else.

Baptized The Same Day
I know I will catch heck for this, but baptism is not necessary for savaltion or much of anything else but to get wet. Sure, it can be meaningful to the person doing it, but I believe it is a distraction. A life in Christ is not so much what one does, but who she or he is. The life in Christ is an heart issue, not an outward works issue. Works come from the heart. God changes our hearts. Baptism will not change a heart. God changes the heart. The basic message of Jesus was that the hearts of people need changed. John baptized with water, but God baptizes with the Holy Spirit. Rely on Christ for Life, not on something a person can do. It's challenging, because we want to do something, but Christ did it.

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