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Is The Death Penalty A Sin
Jerry ... Show me Obama's concentration camps. Show me his SS or KJB, show me his murder of the peasants. Show me his expropriation of homes and small businesses. Show me his racial hatred and oppression, Show me the wars he has started. Show me his torture chambers. Show me his concentration camps. Where are his gulags? Show me the murder of his political opponents. Show me his racial murders. Where are his 6 million victims? Show me his murder of intellectuals and artists. Show me his seizure of profitable industry. Show me the spittle as he makes hate-filled speeches. Show me his Wall.

What's Up October 2009
Kella ... Warmest best wishes to you your husband and your baby. God bless you all

Is There Original Sin
Frances ... We--eell ... Animals were given reproductive systems, so I can't see the intention would have been not to use them!

And without desth ... how would anything have survived. We, and animals have to eat something! And plants are alive, and no death would mean they could not be eaten.

What would fish have eaten? Plankton is a form of life. What would seagulls have eaten ... if not fish, what?

And what about bees and butterflies ... needed to pollinate the plants ... is their few-day life cycle post-Fall?

My Girlfriend Isn't A Virgin
Betty ... How could it have been Rhonda? She had not even posted when you made the claim about being ridiculaed and condemned.

I repeat, no-one had ridiculed or condmend you.

As to my alleged insinuations, they were pure, true facts. You on the other hand made vicious personal unjustified ininuations about my morals, and now say I am a "Bad Boy that terrorizes these blogs with your immodest views"

Immodest view? I reported a fact, not a view. My view is that women can wear female pants ... if you think that is immodest to hold that view, it says something about you.

Strict Outward Appearances
Carla ... I do not intend to be sarcastic towards you. I'm sorry if you think I have been

Nor do I attack you relentlessly ... I disagree on somer issues. I hoep you do not think I should not express myself when I disagree with you?

You have not hurt me in any way at all!!

But you see Carla you have just demonstrated your weakness ... You do not accept at face value my comment "How disgusting" about the spectacle yuo described .. you seem tho think it implied you had hurt me.

Why do you always interpret what I say in th worst possible way ... are you seeking to prove to yourself that I am persecuting you?

I don't think it is persecution when I try to conduct a civilised discussion with you

Are My Parents Too Protective
SusieB .. You are quite right ... "If you live at home and your mother is supporting you and paying for your college, she has the right to set the rules at her house"

The important words are "at the house"

What you do outside the house is your choice, and she can only object if

You come home drunk
Behave badly at home
Come home drunk or pregnant
Don't pay her housekeeping
Don't do your share of keeping the house clean.

Story Of The Virgin Mary
Wayne .. our argument is not about the meaning of the words "relations", "knew", "sex", "slept" or any of those.

It is your assertion that that the Bible actually says that that action, whatever you call it, took place after Jesus was born.

But the Bible does not say that.

All it says is that Mary did not indulge in that act in the time up to when Jesus was born.

That is something quite different.

"I keep to the speed limit until I reach the unrestricted roads outside town" That does NOT say I speed up when I leave town ... I could have gone on at the original slow speed.

What Is A Rosary Used For
Betty ... Are you RC.

What right have to to say that they pray to the beads?

That i think is a belief about the Catholics that you have "just picked up"

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