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Christmas Celebrates A Death
Pastor Jim ... We are commanded to remember (not celebrate) Jesus's death, and to celebrate His resurrection ... that after all was the purpose of it all.

But where is the commandment that we should not celebrate anything in His life (say the giving of the Beatitudes, which is something to celebrate) or His birth?

And I too have done some research, and found that the Bible does not give authority to use computers to blog. Does that mean we must not?

And to revert to my original question, where is the evidence that at Christmas we celebrate His death, as Rhonda insists?

Gospel Of Kingdom Or Grace
Trav ... So God was married ... I wonder was that in the sense that we normally use the word?

And who is this Barry S Hussein? And what has he got to do with this debate?

Is There Original Sin
Donna ... I agree with you.

It was Mark who said "The impossibilities of what would have happen if there had been no death is obvious. The way I see this unfolding from the beginning is that God the Architect designed a perfect plan, finished His work on that plan, and what we are seeing is the results of that plan"

This appears to say that ALL, including the Fall, and the consequent introduction of death, was planned by God.

BUt if I misunderstood Mark, I hope he will correct me.

Is God Cruel And Mean
MarkV ... What you say is true ... but it is more relevant to another blog, where you said something like "praying for our loved ones is selfish and not of God and is therefore sinful" (I don't agree with that but it is not for this blog)

But that is not the discussion here ... we are here talking about Jesus' instruction to love our enemies. What you have now said does not alter my view that we are to love and forgive (an un limited number of times) those who hurt us.

Are Lotteries Sinful
StrongAxe ... the selection of Matthias by casting lots was not gambling ... it was trusting God to make the choice.

And I disagree with Kathr's idea that they voted to decide whom would replace Judas. They realised that they needed God's choice, so they did not vote, using their human faulty views, but left it to God to show them whom He had chosen

How To Blog On ChristiaNet
MarkV ... now you have arrived at this blog, may I refer you to the first point of mine of 6 5.

Do Unborn Babies Go To Hell
If that professor is right, God would be a monster ... even I would say God was Satan

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