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Can Religion Save Me
Sitting in a church does not make you Saved, any more than sitting in a garage makes you a car

What Is Rigtheousness
David and Scott,

On which basis do JWs claim that their group is God's only organisation on earth?

A simple question which we've asked a half dozen or so times but which you avoid answering.

Meaning Of Christmas
David: "I am and have been saved not because of anything I'm doing or have done"

So, David, do you, right now, know that you will spend eternity on earth? Yes or no.

Scott, no huff and puff from me just demonstrating the very real tension between the JW self-righteousness, on the one hand, and their lack of any belief and trust concerning the salvation that Jesus has already given to us. The Bible declares it's a present assurance, not a future one which you have to do works in order to, just maybe, earn. "But to him who does not work but believes on Him who justifies the ungodly, his faith is accounted for righteousness"

No JW can say they are saved, NOW. I've met 1000s and it's the same nescience.

Benefits From Any Church
Then they said to Him, "What shall we do, that we may work the works of God?"

Jesus answered and said to them, "This is the work of God, that you believe in Him whom He sent." John 6:28,29

Meaning Of Christmas
I love it when Team Watchtower, the self-righteous JW duo David and Scott, come out unmuzzled. Yes, folks, parading all their perfect, I say, PERFECT doctrine before us pagan Trinitarians. And yet, all their perfect doctrine and belonging to God's only organisation doesn't guarantee them a single iota of assurance that they are saved right this moment. The only thing that they have to hang onto is the belief that they belong to God's appointed organisation and that they are doing works that they might be saved.

Face it guys, you fear that you will not have eternal life on earth. Christ brings you no rest from your works.

Evolution Biblical Concept

Your approach to the obvious in Scripture is to try and special plead your way out of it. This is a very common fallacy i.e. an error in reasoning. For example, you ask if the universe behaved differently after the Fall. The problem is that the creation occurred BEFORE the Fall and Jesus told Moses "That I, YHWH, created everything in 6 days." If the 6 days were not something that Moses understood, then Jesus either lied to Moses or he deceived him.

Furthermore, your what does 'actually' means is nothing but old fashioned casuistry. It, too, distracts from the bleedin' obvious.

Christian Without Church

Tell me about sin, will you?

Pope's Belief In Evolution
It's been reported today on the news that the Pope, while visiting the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, prayed facing the direction of Mecca.

God's vicar? Yeh, sure!

Is Scientology A Cult
David Miscavage's (the nutjob who took over from Hubbard) niece, a former Scientologist, has recently published an autobiography about how crazy the "religion" is.

And you can't go past Morton's unauthorised biography of that couch-jumpin' fool Tom Cruise. Morton's book is really an expose of Scientology through the weirdness of Cruise.

Both are great reads.

What's Up Novemeber 2014

"Ephraim is My firstborn." (Jeremiah 31:9) However, "Joseph called the name of the firstborn Manasseh" (Gen 41:51). Also "Hosah, of Merari's children, had sons: Shimri the first (for though he was not firstborn, his father made him the first)" (1 Chron. 26:10).

Clearly, firstborn is not always taken literally but is idiomatic. Deuteronomy 21:16 tells us it means rightful heir. So, Paul's stating Christ is God's firstborn, he has all of God's fullness, can forgives sins, is the image of God, directly created the whole universe, means as the Son he's the rightful heir and has authority over all creation. Jesus' being firstborn cannot be understood to mean he was created, as the JWs poorly argue.

What's Up Novemeber 2014
Scott will scour and use any resource AS LONG AS IT AGREES WITH HIS WATCHTOWERITE THEOLOGY. This only demonstrates his lack of objectivity and his complete ignorance of proper academic honesty. As Popper cautioned, only looking for confirming data is not proper science. Manic cutting-and-pasting is not research nor an argument.

Scott, you've got a long way to go before anyone can take you seriously. David may be in awe of you but he's hardly credible.

What's Up Novemeber 2014

Re Colossians 1:15 and the word 'over' in 'the firstborn over creation', I'll tell you where it is if you first tell me where I can locate the preposition 'of' in that passage in the Greek.

What's Up October 2015

Re my quoting Wiki definition of Christian Zionism, you can see there is lots of wiggle room and that it had a very early history, unlike your quote from the antiSemite West. (Strange bedfellows you JWs keep!)

I believe the Jews have a political right to the land of Israel. But you failed to ask me that.

It's clear your tendentious misrepresentation of it through the anti-Semite West was yet another example of JW dishonesty in order to distract, in this case, from Watchtowerite polytheism (remember 2 creators equals 2 gods).

BTW, Scott, your opinion about Israel has crossed over into politics. Hasn't your Brooklyn Master ordered you to keep clear of politics?

Eve From Adam's Side
"Christian Zionism's a belief among some Christians Jews return and 1948 establishment of Israel accords with prophecy. Hippolytus and Irenaeus foresaw a return. Christian advocacy of restoration of Jews arose following the Reformation. A contemporary Israeli historian suggests 1840s evangelical Christian Zionists passed this notion onto Jewish circles. Some Christian Zionists believe "ingathering" of Jews is a prerequisite for the Second Coming. This belief is primarily, not exclusively, associated with Christian Dispensationalism. Many Christian Zionists believe the people of Israel remain part of the chosen people of God, along with "ingrafted" Gentile Christians." (Wikidpedia)

Eve From Adam's Side
Scott's argument: Jesus is Michael because 1Thess 4:16 states Jesus "shouts with the voice of an archangel." No middle common term to make a valid syllogism. A pedestrian paralogism.

Notwithstanding Scott's wayward thinking, Jesus shouts "with the trumpet of God" so Jesus, on Scott's "logic", must be who? YHWH!

Oh no, Scott's pants are down, down, and gone.

Naturally, Scott's "exegesis" comes secondary to his already believed Watchtowerite Jesus-is-an-angel-called-Michael. Worse still, Scott's Rev 19 argument is that Michael, a creature, is not only the Word of God, but King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Arian, pagan heresy, unsupported by not a single jot of early Christian history!

Finish It Here October 2014

Another way of viewing your sidetracking exercise (i.e. is Watchtowerism polytheism because they've 2 gods and 2 creators?) is that you, American exemplar, will always reduce any complexity through the myopically parochial lens of what an American defines that issue as. Consequently, Christian Zionism is defined by what American anti-Semite Jim West reckons CZ is on account of what he reckons the American adulterer Hagee believes it is. Naturally, uniform obedience to dogma is a key virtue of Watchtowerites (Don't read unapproved literature, hey Scott!!). More than anything else it evinces a Watchtowerite's inability to (i) be honest (ii) carry out sound academic research. The cut-and-paste king of Kingdom Hall rules, OK!

Finish It Here October 2014

I got your witnesses Hagee (the adulterer) and West (the antiSemite) mixed up. I blame that on you because you, rather than be held accountable for Watchtowerism's polytheism (remember 1 big god and 1 angel, I mean small god, which, when summed, equals 2 creators), dishonestly implied I don't believe in evangelising Jews, to DISTRACT from THE argument. (BTW, distraction, after lying, seems the preferred Watchtowerite strategum. I could be wrong and maybe the other way around?)

An old friend of mine, who gave his life to Christ in ways you hitherto won't be able to understand, once said, "When a JW is in Watchtowerism for 20, 30 years, they become liars but no longer know it." Scott, that's you.

Finish It Here October 2014
Scott paraded Dr Jim West as evidence I'd said Jews shouldnt be evangelized. Jim is special:
1. He's supported Christ at the Crossroads conferences which proudly hosts Holocaust deniers, anti-Semites, champions Hamas suicide bombers, Jews-aren't-really-Jews crazies, etc and is aggressively dismissive of people who disagree with his position.
2. He wrote on his blog, "The only people who pull their kids from public schools are the same sort who haven't ever read the Bible in Greek or Hebrew. This whole crusade is nothing but another in the long line of senseless crusades entered into by frenzied, uninformed, twaddling and prattling mobs of unwashed peasants."

You wanna rethink the company you keep, Scott?

Finish It Here October 2014

Apart from having a headache on the plane coming over, the runs from eating goodness knows what, the air pollution at levels comparable to Beijing's on a bad day, rubbish piled up everywhere, traffic jams that ya just gotta see to believe, the skinniest chickens and ducks ya just gotta see to believe, being bored out of my skull visiting mall after mall of shop-til-ya-drop "heaven"....I'm doing "lumayan". But at least I still get a chuckle out of David's Watchtower imposed delusion they and only they go and evangelise (i.e. I never recently met Watchtowerites here and at home, which is ironic given the JW brag that they are expanding and are the only ones visibly doing God's work).

False Teachers In Christianity

Notwithstanding the inveterate and opportunistic liar for the Watchtower you are, I ask you to show me where I have ever said that Jews should never be evangelised. You have repeated this claim a number of times but will not back it up but prefer to quote some shonky (once again) American adulterer, prosperity teacher to mendaciously serve as proof that I made the claim.

I don't expect an answer as your Brooklyn Master has told you to lie in situations like this.

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