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Who Is Jesus To You
Jesus is the Son of God who was send to die for us, and took our sens and eniquitis to the croz so we can have acces to the eternety in haven. He was and an Spirit who turn in to flesh by God in the body of the Vigin Mary

Spanking Young Teenage Girl
children need to be disciplined at all ages and at all times. Look ,the gov't disciplines no matter the age race or color. we live in a society where discipline is crumbling.explain to your teen the rules and what the consequences are so there's no surprises. now when she or he steps over the line you take the cane or paddle in one hand and lead them with your other hand to the nearest table,drop the pants or lift the skirt,undies should be down to the ankles and bend em well over and cane 6 to 12 strokes right across the buttocks. you won't have to do it often!!!!!

What Does Born Again Mean
Born again is very simple. God made it that way. Its your second birth. It means you have gone before the Lord and ask him to forgive you of your sins and come into your heart and make you a new person. And he does. He cannot lie, what ever He says He will do then it will be done. Because He is the everlasting God of the universe. He is the first and the last.

I Never Loved My Husband
Hi sara marie I understand your problem you told me that you tried your best to love your husband but you can't. sara I want to advice you GOD hate devorce very much so donot try to devorce but you should have ask GOD this passion for your husband GOD will do it. HE really can help you .

Can Miracles Happen Today
yes he can use people to perform miracles today beacuse he is the same GOD he said in his word he change not so other word what he did thn he is still doing to day.

Can You Speak In Tongues
no it would not be wrong if you join a baptist there is nothing wrong with the baptist church, we believe in speaking in tongues also God is every where, it is accourd to your faith but frist you should pray about it,and then ask god to lead you the right way what ever you may be upset about are this agree talk to him first and then make your decison we as christian are going to disgree sometime that our right.

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