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Must True Christians Mature
When a baby is born into a family it is still part of the family. A baby that doesn't grow has either an inabilty to grow or has ceased to have life.

What Makes You A Christian
"I no longer live, but it is Christ who lives within me."

How To Help My Nephew
The first thing is to pray and trust God to work in the situation. Begin by helping your nephew find his purpose in life. What has God created Him to become. Does this require College, the military, a trade school of some sort. Now is the time He must begin the process of building His life. Without a vision and some support he will remain floating. God will also provide for His basic needs if your nephew will first seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness. I will pray for Him.

How Much Should Pastors Be Paid
It isn't unusual for us to think monetarily about a Pastor's salary in our society. (If we approach a biblical model then we see Paul as a tent maker refusing funds for himself as he accomplished the work of the Lord.) I think the answer is found in the church's expectations. If they expect a Pastor to spend a majority of his time serving the church to the point he can't make a living, then we should provide him that living. Paul said don't muzzle the ox while it's working. If the expectations are limited, then I think it is up to the Pastor and congregation to agree on that amount.

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