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Does Obama Follow Evil Plan
I get so tired of hearing "white press" and "don't hate on Obama because of his skin color". Just because I disagree with Obama's stand on abortion, gay rights, the increase of the national debt, and current actions with Israel DOES NOT MEAN I AM RACIST or a "so-called Christian". I do pray for President Obama regularly and respect the office tremendously. But as a white woman in America I get tired of being told that I am racist because I don't agree with Obama. That is absurd.

Half Of Population Raptured
It is not a picture of the rapture but of
judgement. The people that are taken
away in this case are unbelivers and are
taken away to punishment.

Can I Pierce My Nose
Okay, I've read through this thread and think it's been wonderfully informative. I just pierced my own nose last night and it looks wonderful. Piercings do not make one look "slutty" unless that is what they wanted to look like. I wear mine because it sparkles and adds a certain flare to my pale face. Beauty is in the eyes of those who believe it beautiful... if someone doesn't like it, that's their opinion.

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