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Explain Left Behind Books
I don't think anyone is saying get rid of the Bible here. This series opened the eyes to many people about what 'might' happen to those that haven't fully accepted Jesus. I have personally seen people that were too confused or simply refused to read the Bible, pick up this series and get on fire for God. Then they took the steps to start to read the real truth. It is a good tool.

How To Stop Tattoos
Ok, this one is done for me too, cause I think if I hear my art called pagan one more time I will lose it. This will always be a "hot" topic and there is no difinitive end. My walk is no different with or without my art, and I will not continue to entertain that I have put ONE STITCH of paganism on my body. There are more important things and people of this world to be praying for than to be hung up in this tangle.

Moderator - Whether you believe a tattoo is a pagan practice is a moot point because it is a pagan practice and Christians have NEVER taken tattoos as a practice. Nothing Godly is associated with a tattoos; only paganism.

How To Stop Tattoos
The early Britons used it in ceremonies, The Danes, Norse, and Saxons tattooed family crests, still practiced today. and the perrson I was refering was named POPE Hadrian in 787 AD. It still thrived in Britain until the Norman invasion of 1066. So am I to understand that all Indian, all tribes, all Incans, all japanese, all chinese they were all pagan?? WHAT?? I think not. And I never said they were Christian tribes. Life does exist outside of Christanity.. does not make it rooted in evil.

Moderator - Either one is a Christian or they are not.

How To Stop Tattoos
Polynesians developed tattoos to mark tribal communities, they brought it to New Zealand where the Mayan, Incas, and Aztecs used facial "moko" markings. Not until 787 AD was it banned by a Pope in Britian. There are pages of history, not one place has research stated it was a pagan exclusive ritual, nor got its start from the pagans.

Moderator - There was never a Pope in Britian. Go to your Bible to locate the beginning source and it was from Nimrod who was a form of anti-christ whom was pagan. The tribal communities you just listed were all pagan not Christian.

How To Stop Tattoos
Crete, Greece, Persia, and Arabia picked up and expanded the art form, they were not pagan. 2000 BC it spread to China. The Greeks used it to communicate when they could not use words, Romans used it to mark slaves and criminals, Ainu people used it to show social status and married women. The Ainu introduced it to Japan where it became a religious rite. Kayan women had delicate lace arm tattoos to mark family belonging, not pagan in anyway. PT3

Moderator - Those are all pagan examples; those were not Christian cultures.

How To Stop Tattoos
Tattooing goes beyond 12,000 BC. Arguably people are divided. Note here, tatts have cultural backgrounds, not just cultists. Borneo women tattooed their trade symbols on their forearms to indicate a skill, thus increasing their status. Tatts around the wrist was believed to be healing, one small part of history was for belonging to specific groups or clans, not the whole history, In early Egypt during the time of the great pryamids, there was tattooing for the purpose of expanding their empires.. part 2

How To Stop Tattoos
Once again I try to say, in the biblical reference Where to find it in the Bible A to Z. The only reference for tattooing is Isaiah 44:5. This is a respected book for people of all ages to facillitate study. There is too many interpretations of this verse to say that it is not refering to tattooing.

How To Stop Tattoos
I hope when I stand in judgement He sees my heart and spirit, not my body, cause it will be cremated and destroyed. And if the surgical markings matter, I am in trouble cause I have been through too many to count, some.. life saving. And my art in part covers those gross looking scars that were no part of my own doing. Yes, I believe His laws were given to remind us and guide but obsess over them I will not especially this one.

How To Stop Tattoos
Becky, I couldn't have said that better myself!! :-) there are always going to be people who are stuck in the old testament, there is so much more in there to learn, like loving people no matter what. I personally love my tattoos, they are significant in my life, they are milestones in my life and.. they are beautiful and resemble the creatures God himself created. I will be praying for those out there that look down on ME for my art. I don't need prayers to stop expressing myself with art.

Do We Still Need To Attend Church
well coming from several church experiences that have been mortifying, maybe the "church" should step back and stop treating people so poorly. Disgust at what one person might wear.. or way they smell, or what kind of car they drive. It is the church itself that drives people away, Keeping close to God himself makes attending those kinds of churches tolerable. IMHO.

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