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Can Christians Sue Others
I think that sueing does not always mean you seek punishment. For example you can be an a car accident and both drivers be Christian but the insurance company not live by those principles so you end up sueing each other.

On the other hand if your neighbors tree limbs encroach on your property you should probably fix that without a law suit.

What Is A Rosary Used For
as Jesus Himself spoke in John 8: 42-44, which I have posted - -

What does this have to do with praying the rosary? Or being Catholic?

Billy Graham Largest Evangelist
Grace, what do you believe "repent" means?

Repent - is to confess your sins to Jesus and to be sincerely sorry for them and to try to sin no more.

I say try - because we all sin and fall short of the glory of God.

Who Is God
God is Love.

Can I Pray To Mary
If you are spiritually alive why can't you be prayed to?

regardless Kay - you are going to have a long wait - the anti-Catholic peope here for the most part (with a few sweet exceptions)have behaved in a derogatory, mean and unchristian-like way. Their hearts and minds are cold. They are not ready for open dialogue so it's waste of time.

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